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Feels like longer than 7 Days

It feels like I haven't had a cigarette for months, not just 7 days! and unfortunately not in a good way :(.

Still struggling quite badly and even my boyfriend who has never smoked told me to have one last night cos I'm so down (I didn't though)

Starting to wonder if I would have been better off using some sort of nicotine replacement but now I've come so far I just think I should probably keep going and hope that it gets better.

On the plus side, I definitely like not smelling of smoke any more and I do think it has made a bit of difference to the gym. Also slept a bit better last night although I think that might have been because I took a couple of kalms.

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Hi Dawn,

7 days with no NRT is no easy feat - it's a massive acheivement and you should remind yourself (and your OH!!:p) of that when you feel you are struggling.

You are bound to have up and down days, we do whether we are smoking or not, it's funny how we assume when we are having a down day it's because we have stopped smoking - maybe something else had made you feel low?

I don't think it would be advisable to start using NRT now, all the nicotine is already out of your system and it would probably make you feel ill.

Just tell yourself it's one day at a time, take it easy and don't expect too much of yourself - in a years time this will be a dim and distant memory, you'll feel great, look great, be healthy and have more money in your pocket!:D



Well done you so far. I promise it gets better. If you can continue cold turkey, do. However if it's a case of NRT or smoking chose NRT every day! It's not a case of failing, it is just taking the quit a few steps at a time. I went CT, however when in really testing circs I would puff on an inhilator which I kept in my bag. This really helped take the edge off. I am now 2 and a half months in and am really happy. I am also not jealous of my fellow quitters still battling with the patches etc. :cool:

I remember back to this part of my quit and it was so hard but definitely worth persevering! I cannot tell you enough that it will get so much easier. try exercise to keep your mind busy.

Remember to keep congratulating yourself, treat yourself, remember your reasons for quitting. I wrote them down so whenever I was feeling down I could check back at my list. I also wrote down all the positives, it is amazing how many there are. :D

Keep going, you can do it.

Jen x


You are going through the toughest bit as the nicotine leaves your system. This time I'm getting through with champix because last time I tried cold turkey I was an absoulte wreck. Me and my boyfriend nearly split up because he said I was no longer the same person. Personally, I think he could have been a bit more patient. I was only on the fifth day. I just couldn't stop weeping!

That said, you have now been through the withdrawl stage. If you went on to NRT now you would be introducing it back into your system. Still if it is chewing some nicorette or smoking, then get the gum and keep it in your handbag for emergencies. There is lots more for you to deal with but it would be a shame if you had to go through this again. Keep in mind your reasons for stopping. Count those benefits as you feel them and FEEL VERY PROUD for how strong you have already been.

Just think how strong you are for trying to stop and making it few the worst, first week. All the best and keep going... it will get easier.




Hello. 7 days no smoking - and cold turkey - is great. Well done.

I went cold turkey and I'm not going to pretend its easy - but, like others have said, all the nicotine is now out of your body (as of day 3). To start a NRT now would be a step back - but like Jenny says it is so far more preferable to smoking.

It does get better, honestly (even tho it may not feel like it now). Dig your heels in adn read read read the messages here on the board.

You're doing great - keep it up.



Thanks for all the advice everyone, I think I'm going to try to get through without NRT. I'm just really hoping that things get easier soon. I suppose I'm not thinking about smoking as often now, it's just that the craving seems as strong.


wow! i think you are so brave!! Well done for doing so well. I am on day 4 + using the highest strength patch + an inhilator. Not sure how well i would manage without them - Im struggling so much with them!!!!

You should give yourself a big pat on the back + think how strong you are and how much willpower you must have to come through.

I am truly impressed. :D xx



Funny but I'm the same, Day 7 today and thought more about having a cig today than any other day. I am trying to break it down hour by hour but just wish I could stop thinking about it.

My hubby is still smoking so everytime I hear the back door open I know he's out there and I struggle for that few minutes, he is off to the docs on friday to start the ball rolling for quitting too so fingers crossed it's sooner rather than later.

Est4elvis -This forum is ace, I log on everytime it gets hard and definately motivates me to keep going, one day at a time, all I know is I won't smoke today kind of thing, Good Luck xx


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