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Still alive and well

hi guys - long time no see (well you know what i mean)

9 months tomorrow cant believe how fast this year has gone - its scary!!!- Havent been on here in months sorry bout that but it almost feels like i never smoked at all and want to forget bout it to be honest - in blissful denial about all the damage i could have done to my body during the years of smoking. :eek:

my other half has quit 7 days tomorrow so just rereading my old posts to try and remember what it felt like at the beginning.:confused:

Get married in italy in a few weeks and the one remaining battle i face is with my weight - only just got back to my pre smoking weight (which was too much to begin with) Trained and ran 5km race for life and now cycle 5 days a week 6 miles but it will not shift and still a size 14 (albeit a slightly fit one)

Totally different person to the one who first wrote on here - not anxious all the time and more confident - realised that if i could stop smoking i could anything i wanted and change owt in my life that was making me unhappy- cheesy but true.

Hope youre all well and i just NO we can all get to the pent house. if am not around in the meantime know that am still here in spirit and really proud of how far we've all come.:D:D

Thankyou so much for helping me become a life long (fingers crossed) nonsmoker

amy x x x x

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congrats on your 9 months!!:D


Uncross your fingers

You're doin' great. I wanna be and I'm gonna be like you I know it!!! A non smoker!!! You are a fantastic example.

much praise!!!


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