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Day 3 woo hoooo

Hi folks,

I posted a messge on day one of my quit day (not that I knew it was my quit day til I had 2 puffs, tasted horrible and chucked it away) and before I know it am now on day 3!! Well day 2 and a half really LOL

I must say I am proud with me, i even sat at my desk yesterday watching some bloke smoke and actually thought urghhhh.

It is tough some points, mornings tend to hit me more, evenings with the wife BUT we are both plodding on and helping each other out (she is well stressed tho atm) but i bite my lip and on we go.

Thumbs up to champix (and thumbs up to my will power in which I thought I didn't have)

Not had any funny dreams and the dizziness has passed, H2Q nurse tonight LOL

Take care guys


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Forgot to say on my quit day I cut up all my cigs and chucked the lighters and went round our garden like a mad man picking up the butts LOL...neighbours must of thought I was CRAZYYYYYY


great job Simon!

I know what you mean about going 'urgggh'. It's just so revolting, all those dog-ends in the ashtray and the smell... It's odd though isn't it, how the *thought* of smoking can at the same time be so appealing. Our minds are strange things.

Keep on keeping on. Before you know it, you'll have done a week!

H x


Well done you!!!

Day 6 for me on champix and I'm a BAD TEMPERED BA....RD some of the time. Don' like that aspect of me, but I'm pleased with myself that I'm not smoking. Will try to be nicer and stop picking fights.

This Forum is a great place for a rant and moan.


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