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Advice tools fro quitters

I would like to hear from others that want to share something that really helps them cut the craving without gaining weight or just makes process easier. Im having sweet cravings and "junk food" cravings- thanks for any replys and advice! even a recipe for something ...anything thats helped u.

I have turned to apples but im slipping with the sweets and would love any advice on targeting that craving.

Excuse any misspelling "advice for quitters"

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I craved sweets like crazy in the beginning, became a gummy bear junky :o I think it's not just quitting that makes us crave foods, most smokers are vitamin deficient in some area and when we are not nourished on a cellular level we start craving junk, especially sugar and carbs... often we blame the quit, when in fact it's just our body saying it's missing something (and of course we think it's the fags). Try getting into making green smoothies, it helped me tons..... lots of info out there, here is just one link I googled, good luck :) green smoothies


Thank you!

Great info!


Hi, im actually doing the double! Im following slimming world for weight and using champix to quit. Im on day 11 of quitting now and am managing to keep away from food as an alternative to smoking by chewing gum and drimking lotsnof water (and coffee!!)

I dont knownif its a good idea but I also have on of the inhalators with no cartridge in. Just sits in my mouth and im tending to bite/ chew it!

Anna :)


I've heard a lot of people on here recommend sugar-free lollipops, and also putting grapes in the freezer and eating them during a crave.

Sounds like great advice. Unfortunately I never followed it and totally gave in to my cravings for werthers toffees and cherry bakewells. Consequently I put on well over a stone. But hey, I'm not smoking!

Massive kudos to you CQ for 'doing the double'. You must have nerves of steel! :D



all i have been eating are those flovored ices that come in this foot long plastic wrap. i go through at least 5 or 6 a day, especially when i am home. i've been quit now almost 4 days and in the past 2 weeks i have already lost 10 pounds. i am going for 15 pounds. between the ices and alot and i mean alot of water i'm losing. you have to think of it as not reaching for a smoke, don't reach for all that unhealthy food. keep busy and always stay positive. you can do it....


The gym has been a life saver for me quitting... seriously go for a run... but if exercise really isn't your thing then eat a banana, they have naturally calming components, seriously not only are they healthy but they are natures valium :)


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