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Back to square 1

Hi Dearies,

well I was lured by foul nicodemon to undo 5 days of quit at the flash of a friend's pack of cancer sticks.. had 2..

Am now 24 hours into a new quit, will have to prepare against that friend when i next go to do chores with her.. I honestly didn't remember she smoked..

In one sense, I haven't smoked for nearly two years- but in another, these little lapses just keep on coming.

Am hoping some possible counselling might help with this and other problems-

like trying to get my life unstuck from the rut it's in.

Meanwhile, I'm very glad of this and the other no smoking forum I post on for an excuse to vent.

Hope you are doing better than me! :)

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Eleanor, so sorry for you. If it is just another 'blip', just jump right back in, if not, we look forward to seeing you back here VERY SOON!!!! x


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