No Smoking Day
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extreme emotions

i woke up this morning and felt real upset and confused couldnt work out why

then remembered i had dreamed about smoking i had dreamed that i only smoked in the car and felt sure no one would find out

i presusmed i dreamed this after watching this morning and they were chatting about the smoking ban in cars that may be coming in and i did tweet a comment

i did actually agree with most of wat jodie marsh said on there she quit smoking in the new year by the way

anyway back to the dream i find it bizarre the only other dreams that fill me with such strong emotions wen i wake up involve my children

why does this dirty smelly habit envoke so many high emotions after a dream that only my kids can equal

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hi boo! sometimes this happens!! we have probably been smoking since before we had our kids..this smoking self has been us for so long...we have struggled to get where we are and it is emotional for most of us!!

but the great thing is is that you didnt smoke:)

we are being reminded to stay on our guard against the nico demon and also to be proud of ourselves that we are on this winning side of this battle with nicotene addiction..all the best boo and keep on keeping on hun:cool:


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