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Day 7 and so emotional at the moment

Day 7. I cant believe I have got here. I went to the help to quit clinic today, this time last week the machine recorded 62(mgs?) of carbon monoxide, today it was down to 2.

I look back at the last week and cant believe I havent had one puff at all.Im feeling so emotional now and feeling that I have achieved something good! Im staying with my parents to recover after having a major op, my mum smokes but I havent been tempted. Ive had the cravings, by God have I craved but the thing that keeps me going is remembering how I felt yesterday and how I never want to suffer that day again.

The great posts on here help me too, I read the appropriate day and if I have the same feelings as someone else, then how they coped helps me too, if not I think how lucky I have been to escape that day.

Anyway going into the 2nd week now and I WILL not smoke this week either.

lillie x

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Congratulations lillie. That's a huge achievement. You should be properly proud of yourself.

Keep taking it one day at a time. There's still a way to journey, but the path gets easier and easier.

Really pleased for you! :)



Lillie - well done you.

It is really hard, but keep with it, remember in your head that not smoking with help with your healing process from your opp ;)

I am on day 17 now & (just starting) to feel abit more alive!

good luck in week 2 :D


Well done Lillie, you're doing amazingly, I'm not surprised you're emotional.

Thank you for your lovely reply to my "what's happening to me post"!! It makes ALL the difference to get such encouraging words from people who are going through the same thing.

Hope you recover quickly from your op.

Take care of yourself

Lizziex (I'm never going to catch you up, am I?!!;))

ps. remember you might want a cigarette, but you don't need one!


Well done!! im on day 6 not to bad this week but today has been really hard (I have felt so tearfull all day) really dont know why??? but it does get better I know i did 3 months last yr (only started again being stupid didnt even want 1 just to do my partners head in!! (silly I know!!)

But I know it gets easier and soon we wont even think of smoking!!!

Good luck and stay strong!!!

Jo x


Well done Lillie for a whole week. its fantastic.its my first week too thats how i know it is. those carbo monoxide monitors are great, they show evidence of improvement.The great thing is it gets better and so do we.

All the best Mash


Thank you to everyone for your supportive replies. Its wonderful being amongst people who are going through the same as me, I can relate to your posts and I hope that you can relate to mine.

We can do this.

lillie xxx


Well done lillie :)


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