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feel so emotional

Hiya, newbie here. Started this stoptober thing on Sunday afternoon. I've been finding the evenings really difficult, and this morning I completely over reacted over my son wanting to ride his bike to school. I felt so guilty leaving him without a proper sorry this morning and I've just came home n cried since. It's not the cravings that are bothering me at all its the mood swings and emotions oh and also not being able to sleep is killing me. Got no1 to talk to so thought I'd vent

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hi there and welcome to the forum. Believe me that we all know how you feel and you should know that what you are feeling is perfectly normal. Don't worry about your son, you can explain to him ater when he comes home from school. He will understand Im sure. He will be proud of you for quitting.

You have made an amazing decision to quit smoking and it isnt easy for everyone so expect there to be some bumps in the road and deal with them as and when they arise. The crucial thing is that you stay on the road whetever is put in your way.

Be kind to yourself, i'm assuming you aren't a superhero so you will be emotional, tetchy, anxious, worried - so what? it'll pass and it wont kill you.

Take every minute at a time and dont ever look too far ahead - it'll freak you out.

Go and run yourself a bath a chill out and breathe deeply and remind yourself what a great thing you are doing not only for yourself but for your son too.

good luck and please feel free to vent, rant moan on here. Its what we are all here for.


Me too

I am with you. I am handling the cravings quite well (better than expected anyway) but the emotional affect is the worst part. I have been in such a black mood for the last 2 days. I seem better today and have tried to get everyone in my office laughing so they can make me laugh. I started the day so down that i think it rubbed of yesterday. End result was i couldnt even crack a smile for my kids when i got home. Felt awful so today i aim to turn it round ans be positive about what im doing.:D:D


Its so difficult, I'm an emotional person anyway and this is killing me! I'm worrying as well as I have a few job interviews coming up over the nxt 7 days and I'm not thinking I can give it my all feeling like this... I am thinking maybe try and quit in November. I was totally unprepared, had no idea I'd be like this and its taken my legs from underneath me. My whole house is suffering as I'm being such a b*tch!


A lot of us have been there and know how hard it can be. The incredible thing about it is that you will look back and wonder where the time has gone. I would advise you not to put it off. Especially if you have already done a couple of days without smoking. The addiction will do whatever it can to keep a hold of you and I reckon "it's not the right time" is right up there with "just one cig won't hurt". Join the Stoptober Social Group on this forum and get help and advice from others who are in the same boat as you.


Thanks mark, will have a look when I can get to my laptop later. Thing is the last thing I want to do is roll a fag, u don't actually want one but I just hate the mood swings. I don't like not feeling happy! I'm not a sad person general and this is horrible, feel as though someone has died... God doesn't that sound pathetic! Lol. Well my tears have stopped, feeling a bit better now so that's good I guess :)


Aroma, i think you need to read up and educate yourself about quitting smoking so that you are fully prepared. Only you can decide if now is the right time but i do tend to agree with mark here - if you are looking for things in your life that could be obstacles to quitting then the addiction has a crazy way of making mountains out of molehills - "oh, i cant give up until next week because i have to have my hair cut on saturday - i cant manage or enjoy that without smoking" see - thats how the mind works when addicted, it plays tricks. Unless you have your mind in the right place (back to reading and being educated) there will never be a right time.

Good luck

PS - i recommend allen carr's book for a start.


I started Allen Carr's book a while ago, never finished but I understand you have to be smoking whilst reading it? I've just got Gillian Rileys book as well on my kindle, but she's talking again as if to prepare me to stop rather than helping me cope with the quitting if that makes sense? Thanks guys btw, really appreciate your feedback :)


you dont have to smoke when reading allen carrs book, i didnt. It just helps to dispell some myths and put your mind in a good place. It helps to understand cravings and how to deal with them too. Just what you need i reckon.

good luck


Nooo dont roll anything...

...we are on day 3, the physical side of addiction is nearly passed and we will just have to deal with the habitual side of cigs. I was the lowest i can ever remember being yesterday but feel much better today. Its been awaful but now the negative thoughts are starting to slip away and the positive ones are coming forwards. I know i can do it. I know its not going to be easy but my choice is not to smoke and my kids will benifit more in the long term for the sake of some grumpy days now. Stick at it youve nearly done the hard part. :)


My worst spell so far was yesterday the afternoon I felt better....everyone is different and it is normal to feel emotional....keep going you doing great tomorrow will be better


Im on day 17 and it seems that Iv been crying ever since.:( I too am emotional and have a lot going on at the minute,but not once have I seriously thought of having a fag..............surprised myself.I really want to quit this time,Im sick to death of smoking.I have quit!!!:D

You can do it.


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