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Physical Symptons

Hello everyone

I am now on my 2nd week of quitting cigarettes, and craving-wise it was ups and downs but i got through it and was fully expecting things to calm down.

But this morning i have woken up feeling as though i have been hit by a truck.

I have a tight chest ( It actually seems tighter than when i smoked ) i also feel like i have the Mother of all hangovers ( even though no alcohol has passed my lips since my quit date ) - Headache, nausea, a dodgy stomach, general weakness, allied to a feeling of panic - Like i am going to go crazy at any moment.

The only upside, although it really doesn't feel like an upside at the moment is the ill feeling are keeping the cravings at bay ( sort of )

Is this a normal part of the healing process? Have anyone here experienced this?

I feel physically terrible :(

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If normal is the discription you feel it deserves then normal it is, I am reading what you have written and it sounds like I felt at a few points in the quit but it does get better and within a week or two you will wonder what all the fuss was about, or it will go and come back but I promise it is all worth it and before you know it you will be climbing those Penthouse stairs without a puff or wheeze in site, a lot of quitters say they feel 20 times worse than they did when they smoked but its the crap coming out of your system.

You are doing fantastic keep it up as you would be devastated if you lit up.:eek:


Thank you Jamangie, it seems like when i have a wobble you are always there - You feel like my guardian angel as i come to terms with all these different feelings!

Yes i know i would be devastated if i lit up, and don't worry that is the last thing i intend to do. Just needed some reassurance that these physical symptoms are indeed part of the healing process, so thank you again for your words of support :)

As i read this forum i am learning a lot more about the giving up process, but have never come across the tightness of chest feeling etc.


hi Ian, that all sounds pretty normal quitting side effects to me, don't forget you've been inhaling tar and all sorts of gunk into your lungs for a long time now, it's not surprising they're gonna feel strange when you suddenly stop!

right now i'm feeling pretty much the same, just stopped wearing the patches two days ago so one more day of nicotine withdrwal and hopefully that will be most of the unpleasent part done and dusted :)

keep looking for the good signs, mine is that when i woke up this morning (at 5am!) i felt awake and clear headed for a change! only for 5 minutes haha, but its a start!


Hi Ian.

Sorry to hear you're feeling so rough, but try not to freak, it's not at all uncommon. The normal mucous transportation system in your lungs is waking up, and it can cause a bit of clogging as the crud and tar are expelled. Don't know if you've been coughing, but that can make it worse. Also, tension can cause tight chest/wheezing feelings, so try to stay calm! Drink cold water. Take gentle exercise. Rest assured that this will all pass. It's another battle in the war against addiction. You're winning. Never surrender!

You might actually be a bit under the weather too - not everything is always about the fags!! So take a couple of paracetamol, they can't hurt you, and get an early night.

You have to look after yourself in these early days and weeks, it is a bit of a rollercoaster.


Keep going

Hi Ian,

Just in to say hello, and offer you some support. Jamangie is right when she says that things will only get better, so don't give in giving up.



Thank you good people :)

A few hours on and things feel a little better ( Still have the tight chest ) 5mol<er - Hope that 5 minutes turns into 5 years.....and beyond! :)

Helsbelles - The tension thing sounds as though it could be spot on as i have always been a nervy uptight person, funny i have not been coughing up any gunk though.

Dannyboy - I won't give in giving up, i can be a stubborn old mule when i want to be. :)


Thats The Way To Do It-said Mr Punch.


A Present at 00.46 for you Ian.

Keep Up The Fantastic QUIT.


Hi Ian

I suffered with the same problems as you. I also felt like I couldn't catch my breath properly and my breathing was awful. My lungs ached for weeks. I smoked for over 20 years and by giving up realised what damage I had done to my body. I'm six months off the fags now and I feel fantastic. Keep going it will get easier I promise.



Hi Ian I hope you are feeling a little better, I wish there was a magic remedy to make quitting easier, but the chest tightness is common and once you get a little further along it will ease, I did take some exspectorant for a couple of days when it was at its worst but I also never coughed up gunk and was told by smoking nurse, should be no smoking nurse shouldnt it lol that not every one coughs rubbish up, just made me wonder why as there must be lots down there and is it still there :eek: is it going to come up one day ??????????????????


Hi Ian , these feelings are very normal and are part of the healing process. The first 6 months are often an emotional roller coaster ride , stay in the saddle and you will come through it all smiling and feeling great.

Jamangie ....I reckon it has to come up sometime hun and in your case when you least expect it ,,,,all in one big sticky eruption::eek::D



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