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Day 37: What is it about mondays :)


I've mentioned before about monday probably being the only day where i get any problems with my quit now, every other day seems fine in fact, but sat here right now with a right mad craving going on, and thank god i'm typing my way through it because the old 'monster/demon' is proper nagging at me at the moment even though i don't feel the desire to smoke.

Anyone else get that? You not thinking of smoking, but you stomach gets all knotted, and you feel a bit on the irrational side?

It will pass, but here i am .. day 37.. having a mad pang that is just like hunger pains, but not.. if that makes sense.

Same as 2 weeks ago.. amazing :) last week on monday.. no problem.. today.. problem...

No concern though folks, nothing i can't handle, just logging it on the forum as an experience for reference in case folk hit the same thing :)

Right now, i'm off for a walk around the site.. that usually helps alot, and its exercise.


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CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!! So many thanks for that suggestion :).. i never would have thought it, but you mentioned.. sugar.. and now my heads saying chocolate.. so its wispa bar time :)

Ok i'm off for a walk to the vend machine :) back soon.

I'll grab a cup of water too while i'm there :)

Dont eat too much choc a choc cake baking for you tonight as you asked for.

Will deliver it tomorrow'll find it in day 1 :D

Love Carol


Ohhhhhh now your talking!!!!!!!!!! NomNomNom!! let me at it :)

I seem fine now, just got home from work, just tired from work now, but earlier was a bit out of sync. I'd typed a few replies to some day 1-3 posts on here, and this was just after my lunch too, which is a normal crave time usually for me.. I'm guessing writing about the thing i was trying to ignore brought on a major withdrawal pang. Funny one though, not really a desire for a smoke, just a weird out-of-sorts feeling.. it lasted nearly an hour tho so was doing my head in a bit :)

Other than that, nearly all the time i feel fine now, noone likes mondays, and today was no exception for me :)

Anyway, i feel a bit better now and anything else i feel right now a good nap later will take the edge off. I'm finding napping early evening for say 20 mins helps me alot atm :) (rarrrrrrrr any excuse :) )

Hi Jase :D

Sorry you had a bit of a tough day 37 but well done getting this far

I remember those craves that weren't I had a few early on didn't need or even want a fag

Found if I ate sdomething sweet ir passed fairly quckly though


Marg xxxxxxxxxxx

thanks :)

I was quite pleased by something my boss at work said today though..

'you seem to be alot different this time around, like somethings clicked for you.. i think you'll do it this time for good.'

All i could do was agree, because that mirrored how i feel about this time... i've not felt like i'm missing something this time.. sure i had to get used to all this regained time and change of my routine, but on the whole? i'm liking the differences.


Spot on really. In the beginning i chose to continue smoking way back 15 or so years ago. Now tis the other way, choosing to quit. Yeah its alot more difficult than the other way around, but its a decision i do want to see through no matter what my selfish self (nicodemon/monster) wishes to try to convince me with.

Hehe its funny, i keep mentioning monster, demon .. etc.. but you know? when i'm honest with myself, its not so much the enemy i've been having this battle with, its no monster or demon to me any more.. it's just the insecure part of me that i've been feeding over the years with cigs/nicotine.. and my only battle is with myself.

So if i'm all i am fighting here is this 'old me' and this 'new me' is convinced i want to quit, then i can rationalise the part of me that is fighting against the quit, and eventually all becomes one again.

Does that sound right? Its how i've come to regard his quit which I suppose is why i've been able to give it more pma as you call it this time.


having a mad pang that is just like hunger pains, but not.. if that makes sense.

MMMMM I know exactly what you mean....I was like that yesterday....seems better today though.....Ive been playing some pretty loud music ....hubby goes:eek:but it seems to get me through the day....Cheers Kez.

aaaaaaaaand nicely into tuesday now.

Today is another day, and so much better already.

I found a nice vid on youtube which is like some kind of relaxation music but it was all done using rain and thunderstorms.. found that helps alot if i get the odd 'moment'.. aside from that, i listen to an old cd i've had for ages now called Leftism by Leftfield, which i play loud on my headphones, does what you describe, breaks my concentration nicely.. and alot of variety of tuneage on one cd. :)

There is a god :). Tuesday at work has been a stark contrast to monday.. every single pc and printer fault i have had assigned to me for today, i've done in less than half a day. I am speedy gonzales, ariba riba riba andele andele!!!


Funny what a difference a day truly does make :)

If you can see them on a web page, are you right clicking them and perhaps selecting 'save target as...' ? this will give u the option to choose a location to save.

Hi Jase :D

So pleased to hear that today is better for you

Maybe you should just ban Mondays as they're a problem day for you :p


Marg xxxxxxxx

I do wonder about monday's.. i wonder if the reason they are actually so bad is because everyone else hates them too :)

Are they worse because everyone forgets to do stuff the week before and so expect everything to be possible on the monday instead?? of course tuesday is always too late, and it must be done today.. and yet come tuesday? I've tons of time spare to do this kind of stuff.

Have folk had truly horrible weekends? do they bring the problems to work unknowingly?

Or perhaps they just have wonderful weekends and as we all say.. 'where on earth did the weekend go?' and so the reason they dump all the rubbish jobs your way is because it makes the shock of thier monday that bit easier.

I have no idea.. but yes, I will sign the 'Ban Monday' petition for sure :) but i will not allow other peoples miserableness make me think about smoking. I'd rather open the back door of the buiding and shout obscenities than do that :)

Hi Jase :D

If shouting obscenities out the back door helps just carry on shouting OK


Marg xxxxxxxxx

Hi Jase

You always help me out so much so have sent you a photo that you can pin up and imagine being there, on that beach, having a nice cold drink. :D

This is where I am actually going in October 2010, with a lot of help from the "stopped smoking fund".

PS/ Not sure if the image will appear below or as attachment.

Thats about right Trisha :).. just completely away from the hustle and bustle.. a calm mild breeze and just general.. peace.

ahhhh you can almost smelll the sea from here :)

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