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Day 5

Hi everyone.

Todays been a bit hit and miss, I keep getting mood swings from feeling wound up to feeling great.

The weather's been nice here in Manchester which usually makes it harder for me, but it's not been bothering me over the last few days at all.

This quit seems to be flying too, I can't believe I'm on day 5 already. Feels so good. The patches seem to be doing there job, I've not had any major craves since I quit. I'm going to do the full course of the patches, 8 weeks on step 1 then 2 weeks each for steps 2 and 3.

I'm still really determind not to smoke so hopefully this may be the 1 for me :)

Thanks, Daniel.

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Good on you Dan keep going it will be a week before you know it.

Maria. x:)


Thanks Maria x :)


from feeling wound up to feeling great

oh i know what that feels like! the wound up bit especialy, just hits from nowhere from out of the blue! fortunately it is usually silly things, like losing a game of minesweeper :) well done for getting to day five, doesn't it just fly by!


Yeah it was really small things that were winding me up too, like because my mum was watching something I don't like on TV, I had to go out in the garden to cool off lol because I would of ended up screaming.

It's going really fast for me aswell, Thanks smoker and I hope this is your quit :)


Great going Daniel, i am on day 6 - Keep going, before we know it, we will be on weeks 5 and 6 :)


Cheers Ian, I know it goes so fast doesn't it, good luck with your quit and I'll look out for your posts mate.


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