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23 days!


Well im here coming to end of my day 23:)...in the month 1 room! i think, still fools me where im meant to post :confused:

much of the same for me really, kind of on a even mood quit wise, not feeling sad nor am i feeling elated! just happy .... again it feels like ive not smoked for ages! So glad im here :)

not give smoking as much of a thought the more time that passes! Tomorrow will be my first social outing with alcohol since ive quit this time! im determined not to do anything stupid! I know that i can enjoy the night out just the same! not everybody smokes! but it always seems that when your quit.. the bloody world and his wife are at it!! :rolleyes:

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You're In The right Room KK.

Nice to meet you here KK.

Brilliant on your Day 24 .

My quit calendar says....day 24. If you've made it this far, your chances of staying smoke-free are excellent. You've crossed an important threshold. You're now on the winning track. It's downhill from here. You're winning.healthpartners.com/ucm/grou...

I Knew You Would be Here Cos You're KK.....Kool Kat!!!!

All The Best .......Theres a team here who wont fail.....as long as we remember......Never Take blah blah.........well we can only try our best!!!!:)


Well done KK, I had a social outing last saturday night and was surrounded by smokers.

I went Greyhound racing .....and even wiff my new cleaner lungs I still didn't beat any of them :D.

Hang in there and stick with it KK, you are doing fantastic.

Trev xx

Thanks douglas im still here, still a little in front...the view looks amazing haha

Hi blade, thank you, your doing so good too matey ....

Well im over it the social day/night. ......outside in a field in the middle of nowhere watching a few bands...the weather was gorgeous the beer was flowing......... everybody was smoking! :eek: but not me!! used my inhalator why dancing around like a lunatic...was offered cigarettes by complete strangers (how cruel lol ) ... but laughed in my head and kept refusing them damn fags and telling the intruders! that "they will be sorry in the end ":D .. ..tut tut! so any smokers out there..if you ever want a few free fags on your nights out...take an inhalator with you!..... they will be shuffed in you effin face!! bloody gets!! :rolleyes:

However I am smiling because I had such a brilliant day! and I didnt want one! ...... shake my flipping hand, I am a star :p and got myself a nice non sickly hangover!

Day 25 today! rolling by nicely

Brilliant KitKat you are doing so well.


Brilliant KK-...I'm sitting on the END OF YOUR BROOMSTICK...Keep Driving I Love It!!!!!....dj.:)

Brill Kitkat, your big tester really is getting through a social evening without smoking and you did it, girl. Well done!!! :)

Thank you Betty, Blondie and Douglas... my broomstick is still on the right road! sit tight DJ! ...... Blondie, yes the nights out your right, not quite as bad as the thought! ..how good are we :)

Today is Day 28..... going really good for now! okay i have moments, its not the easiest thing in the world to do! ...but its the best thing, i feel better, look better, the tiredness is now going less at this stage! ... And i am so glad ive had the strength to carry on past the first week! because i know once that week is gone, it only gets easier ...... 1 whole month on the 9th, ready to party! actually im going out yet again! ....... so i will celebrate for us all! and have a drink for us all...now how many members have we? What a great reason :D

You're Doing Great!!!

You're FLYING into Month 2 in a few days.....Wonderful!!!!!

Every further day you stay quit.....Your Body will appreciate it more.

Well thats how I look at it.

You're doing great KK.


Thank you DJ :D so glad to be here

Day 29 is almost done...and the sense of relief I am feeling is amazing... I did have a funny moment today, when i smelled someone smoking near me, but it wasnt so much of a give me that fag feeling, it was more the smell brought back memories, just like a smell of an old perfume or the smell of the fairground! .... or the bad overuse of disinfectant smell in hospitals.! ........... Just a memory some good, some bad! ...

Moment gone when i ran upstairs to get changed after work and realised i could actually breath properly! Saying hello to Day 30 tomorrow :)

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