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Hi All


Hi All,

Just thought I woulp pop in and say Hi. Its 20 months for me now and at long last the weight is coming off. I also have most of my health problems under control so life is worth living again.

I am at the gym 3 times a week and love it, its helping me shift the inches and get fit again.

I still have the odd crave but manage them well now although they stayed with me a long, long time.

I had to see my consultant this week and was horrified how many people were smoking in the grounds and outside the doors, the stench was awful. I just thought "how sad they all looked" followed by "that use to be me", and a great feeling of pride that I had kicked that nasty old habit for good.

Hope all my old mates are doing OK and still smoke free.

Lovely to hear from Pol and Davogy recently, thanks guys.

Dee x;) :) :D

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Nice nice,

I can't wait to get there where you think "hey I used to be a smoker". Keep training I am doing that too thanks to all that extra energy :D

Good for you Dee and just keep on doing what you are doing now, it's working flipping great. We know you're wise, healthy now too, so how about the wealthy bit? David. x

so happy for ya!! i love that "i used to be them" feeling! i feel bad for them but so happy for me and proud also..enjoy your success and happy that your health is going uphill:D

Thanks for replies, it does fel great now, but I do know what you are all going through, its a tough ride to quit such an addiction and not easy in anyway.

BUT its so well worth it so please keep going, una g I too smoked for over 40 years and know how hard it is to quit that kind of addiction, well done you just keep at it.

ninetails and imaquitter, lovely to hear from you both , one day at a time was my motto and evertime I wanted a fag I use to say I could have one tomorrow but not today, when tomorrow came I decided to try another day and slowly weeks passed.

Hi David, great to hear from you again, I smoked rollies so the cost thing wasnt a huge issue, however I have saved £1725, not bad hey, except I dont know where its gone.


hi dee

love reading these posts i have recently celebrated my six months smoke free and it feels good 20 months is amazing and must feel even better

and like u and im a quitter says that u feel sorry for smokers huddling around places smoking absolutely same for me i wanna tell them all if they could battle through the first month it gets easy after that and they too could be smoke free, cough free and wheeze free and just free come to that , but they would probably punch me on the nose if i started preaching lol so i just feel sorry for them and leave them to it

well done on your quit

Hi Boo

Well done you on 6 months, thats really great, and I agree totally. I pass our local comprehensive school quite often first thing in the morning and theres always a collection of kids outside smoking at 8.30am, I really want to tell them whats it like to have cancer and quit after years when it would be easy for them to stop now. But as you say, I worry about getting my lights put out if I dared to speak up.

Stay quit Boo, you are doing great.


just reading through your old posts

very moving i have tears in my eyes and anytime i feel a little weak i am gonna think of u and read your old posts if i need to

you are an amazing person to battle everything life has thrown at you

Hi Dee, great to see you are doing so well.

Jackie x

Hi dee. Brilliant stoppage! It does feel great to be so free. Well done you!

Hi Dee!

So good to see everything is going well for you. I'm just coming up to 21 months now and still have the odd 'something is missing' moment, like when decorating recently...I kept going to have a break from it but had nothing to do during the break lol!!! No real cravings though which is great. Like you too, I'm not far off my original weight now either...being treated to a bit of a nip and tuck on the old face in October so all good!!!

Love JJ xxx

Congrats on your 20 months Dee....and you give me hope to eventually shift the stubborn weight I have put on since I quit LOL

Hi Boo, Una G and JJ,

Really lovely to have replies from you all. JJ so glad you doing OK now, I know what you mean by "missing something" when you are busy, I still do the same, old habits etc etc.

Boo, thanks for reply and glad you enjoyed reading my old messages, I must admit they make me cry when I look back, but it does me good as well to realise how far my journey with the dreaded nicotine devil has travelled.

Keep up the good work am proud of you.

Una G, thanks for the message. Firstly 2 months is early days really and please dont worry about inhilator. I didnt start using one for quite a time but was hooked until I had quit at least 6 months, my Doctor supported me in this as he knew how bad my addiction was and I got them on prescription. I slowly stopped by cutting down on that as well and before I knew it I had gone a couple of days without using it. Then I only used it when I drove the car as I always lit up when I drove. I still have it in my car even though I have not used it for 9 months, but am loath to throw the bits away.

You are doing brilliantly, and an addiction like ours is really hard to crack so cut yourself a bit of slack and if the inhilator helps then dont worry about it for now.

I do have a pal who still uses one 2 years on but its still better than smoking, although I dont suggest it as they are expensive to buy !!!!

I also used "Nicquit" mini tabs and they helped me out, anything that helps you for the first x months is better than smoking.

If you need any help, send me a message anytime, I dont come on everyday but will always try and help/advise if I can.

Lots and lots of luck to you both.


Hi Dee, Just popped in to the forum after months of absence and great to see you again. So pleased you are sounding so upbeat.

For any 'newbies' out there, read Dee's posts. I don't think anyone had it harder and no-one was stronger than her. A true inspiration and a lovely lady.

See you at our two year anniversary - not long now.

Love Sue xxx

Hi Sue

Lovely to hear from you again and thanks for the kind words, I remember you having a lot of trouble and bad luck with the floods. Is everything OK now ????

Of course I will see you at the 2 year party, cant wait

Love Dee:)

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