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Hi all! Day 100!!

Hi everyone,

Just popping in to say hi to everyone, I'm on day 100 CT (woohoo!) and thought it was a pretty good benchmark to come back on here, I'm really pleased to see the majority of Team Monkey Bar Stewards still here and quit, to be honest I wouldn't be at this stage if it wasn't for all the support off this forum, thanks so much everyone.

I've not been logging on as much recently as I tended to think about smoking more if I was on here, but I still wanted to support everyone who has recently attempted to quit or is thinking of doing so. So, here goes, my top tips:

1. Log on here whenever you can and get support, it's great!!

2. Be very paranoid of the nicodemon, he really is very very sneaky

3. Eat popcorn.....honestly!

4. Ignore any weight gain for at least the first 8 weeks, just enjoy being smoke free

5. Take long walks in the fresh air, and breathe deeply (I started doing that and can now run for 5 miles - I could NEVER do that when I smoked, it's a great feeling)

6. Eat grapes.......again, honestly! I think it's the 'hand to mouth' action thing!

7. In the first couple of weeks apologise approximately every 72 hours to your other half for behaving totally irrationally(!) for no reason other than nicodemon playing with your mind! Oh, then log on here and everyone will understand!:D

8. When things get tough, repeat to yourself why you are doing this and then pat yourself on the back for making one of the most powerful and positive decisions you will ever make in your life....

9. Avoid situations in the early days that you know will maybe trigger you to smoke, this is the naughty nicodemon telling you that you'll be ok, eventually you will be but it's best not to risk it in the first 3 weeks or so.

10. With the money you save (mine so far is £378.56!) buy shoes! :D

Stay as positive as you can at all times :)

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Hi Givingupforgood :D

100 days is great Big Hug on it's way well done



Marg xxxxxxxx


100 days, wow, well done you :D you picked the right name ;)


Well done on completing 100 days, thats fantastic!!

Also thanks for all your tips, will definatly take note of them.....especially the bit about buying shoes with all the money saved!!

Your doing great!

Lottie -x-


Hi there

WELL DONE 100 DAY`S is a great bench mark, I celebrated mine last week :D



Congratulations - day 100 is a very nice milestone.

I hope you feel very proud of yourself, well done! :D

On a totally selfish note - I notice you quit this year. That is hugely significant to me because it makes it suddenly seem like a very long time since I quit!


congratulations!!! Cant wait till i am at 100 days and I love your list :)


Congratulation! 100 days is a great milestone!


Hey - givingupforgood - it's good to hear from you, especially that you have hit the 100 day milestone! ME TOO!

I worked out a few weeks ago that April 14th would be 100 days. When today came I was trying to think why the date was significant - then it suddenly came back to me!

Well done - 100 days is fantastic and a real big step up the ladder to being a non-smoker forever:D


Hi Jerry Lee :D

WOW 100 days well done you



Marg xxxxxxxxx



100 days is great work well done.xxxxxxxxxx



Hey everyone,

Thankyou for all the lovely messages, great work to you all whether your 3 years or 3 days least you're quit!!



Well done to both of you, wow 100days smoke free, great list of tips will definatley take them on board (new shoes always win me over) x



Oops I missed my 100, just looked on my quitcounter thingy and I'm on 105 days. Still struggle a bit now and again but nowt I can't handle.


Well done John 105 days. Knew you would do it.CONGRATS.xxxxxx


Well done Jerry-Lee and Givingupforgood 100 days is great I am sure you will both notch up many more.

Wishing you both many no smoke days.



100 Days !!! Woo Hoo well done

Love the tips apart from not worrying about weight gain till 8 weeks ... oh no lol ... only got a week left of eating everything in sight !!!!


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