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Hi all


Hi, my name is Dave, and I live over the water in France. Although smoking is a national past time here, I have decided that it is time for me to give up. We live and work here, in Brittany, but in a few years plan to come back to UK and live (again) on a narrow boat. Although I have done this before, I want to do it again. So why am I giving up? Basically so that I can live long enough to do it, save some money, and have a better length of life.

My wife uses a forum for her diet and has found it very supportive, so I thought I would try this forum to help me with the weeds!

So here goes, DAY 1, a coffee and a patch! Very different for me from the usual!

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Good Morning and welcome Dave x x x x

Galours n pastis country how lovely :D

Day 1 hey!! welcome to your new smokefree life :D

Keep busy and stay strong keep posting!!

You will get loads of support from us, as we are all in this together x x

~Buffy x x

Good work fella

Hey Dave, great to hear that you're on the case with sorting your heart, lungs n chest out to give yourself a sporting chance of having an old age !!

We're all struggling (easily) through this together so you can rely on everyone here to take good care of you and give you plenty of advice/support. Me and Mrs Max (Sharkbait) have both managed to get to 3 and 4 months respectively, as much as anything because of the help and support we get here !

We aint on here all the time - but we've always got an opinion - and we'll always help ya out if we can !

Good luck fella ! There's some stars here that you'll get to know and love !


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!:D

Arrrgh, Friday!

Thanks for the support, looks like I wont make my weekend trip to the village bar this week, as I KNOW its one of my triggers :rolleyes:......may still have some Euros in my pocket by Monday though:D

Ideed, good idea to avoid it at first but not for too long ;)

You'll find that all those things you love, you can still do smoke free x x

I Enjoy my red wine more so now, less hungover and I can taste it :D hehehe

Alternative therapy

Well, have things to do, got to build the peacock enclosure for the new birds, and the breeding cages for the chickens. Should keep me occupied for a while, and take my mind off things!

Ooooh lovely!!

Peacocks are beautiful x x x have a good Busy! morning ;)

Best of luck x x

~Buffy x x

Doesn't mean you can't have a drink

Just because you don't want to go to the bar as it's one of your triggers - but it doesn't mean you can't go and buy a load of beer/wine/vodka and have a bit of a night in.................

Maybe even a bottle of something nice, some nice food - and an evening in with your significant other..................

who knows, maybe it will be a better weekend than you first thought.....


Welcome Dave

Congrats on your quit. You have come to the right place for support they are all great people all doing the same thing. Good luck and keep posting Linda xxxx

Maybe even a bottle of something nice, some nice food - and an evening in with your significant other..................

who knows, maybe it will be a better weekend than you first thought.....


now thats some good advice

Welcome Dave!

You have made the right choice quitting and coming here for support! Hang in there and stay strong!:D We've got your back!:cool:

Day 33!:D

evening time


Well this the time for me to smoke, a little anxious, but so far the first day has been ... ok. Not as bad as I had feared, and have been busy here doing things that should have been done ages ago, and also looking through posts of what to expect in time to come.

Thanks for all the support so far, hope sometime soon to be in the position to give it rather than just receive it!!

Dave the first couple days can be rough... keep busy boredom is the enemy

.. I find cooking to be useful because it is totally absorbing.. I am a messy and diasterous chef too so I am usually too indepth in crisis of almost burning down my house to smoke

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