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Hi all, non smokersince 13.30!


Hi all,

I have just finished Allen Carrs book and had my last cigarette at 13.30, I didn't even enjoy it and am feeling positive about this attempt.

I have tried to quit lots of times over the years, but have been smoking since I was 11 eek.

I thought I would register as it would be nice to get support from others attempting this today :D

L x

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Well done on taking that decision to quit. I was exactly in your position 16 months ago and still going strong. I honestly rarely think about cigarettes these days (only when people are smoking them walking in front of me and they stink!). You can do it! it's a cliche but if I can quit so can you. Good luck, you're not on your own.

Lisa x

Well done

Well done Nonsmoker, if its support you require here is plen of it on this forum and believe me there are some very very nice charactershere too. Without this forum and the fantastic people here, i don't think i would be were i am now.

My quit has been so so easy and to be honest the best thing i ever did was to join this forum.

So let me stop rambling and lets get you on your way to a new healthier smoke free life BRING IT ON and good look :D:D:D:D

Lisa, if ever I am tempted to have a cig I go to the shops...not to shop, but to smell how horrible people smell when they smoke. There was a couple wandering round our local coop today. OMG The smell:eek:

Well done nonsmoker. You've made a fantastic decision and you'll get terrific support on here.x

welcome nonsmoker

Welcome nonsmoker,this is def the place to be when you quit.Lots of advice and support from people all in the same boat:D

Hello and welcome to this fantastic support network.

Well done for making that big decision. Some find the quitting journey really straightforward, others (like me :rolleyes:) find it to be one of the hardest things they've ever attempted. But whether easy or difficult, I think we all agree that it is worthwhile.

Hang on to that positivity, it'll keep you going through the rough patches.

Welcome. nonsmoker good luck on your Quit.:)

Allen carrs book is fab! Wish you all the best with deciding to stop smoking!

Well done and good luck x

Great stuff, stay strong and I hope this is it for you! Keep posting... :)

already struggling to stay positive, how pathetic - no intention of smoking though!

Bedtime soon

Thank you all x

already struggling to stay positive, how pathetic - /QUOTE]

Not pathetic at all- nicotine mind games, that's what. My mood (and attitude to my quit) has been up and down like a bloody yo-yo this past week. It's very hard indeed to stay positive all the time. But don't despair, it'll come back to you. xx

Hey nonsmoker, guess what ! i been smoking since i was 11, and that was 36 years ago, now 19 days smoke free and feeling good, weigh up the benefits m8 you will get there :)

I will be keeping an eye out for you :)

Thank you, and well done Squinter thats fantastic.

Not as bad as I thought I would be this morning, so far so good:) Its just that feeling in the back of my mind that I'm missing out and miserable, fighting it, trying to ignore it but it is there,

Lisa x

Lisa, I smoked from aged 8 till 8 weeks ago, a total of 40 years!

Just take it an hour at a time, clean the house, wash the car,shopping, whatever takes your mind off smoking :)

Good luck, you can do it

Angela x

Thats great Angela, well done, you must be so proud :)

Still going, wish I could stop the battle going on in my head!


I know the feeling nonsmoker; we need patience in spades I have discovered. And patience isn't something I have that much of :rolleyes:

It'll get better, but it might be gradual. I have thought about smoking so much in the last week, I can't lie. It is better now than it was a few days ago but it's still very much there. I had a battle with myself earlier today which went on for about an hour. Two little voices in my head battling it out and getting quite shirty with each other. The 'right' one won in the end but it was hard work. Am going out for a run in a short while and I'm going to make sure I really appreciate the big lungfuls of air I will take in. If I'd made a different decision this morning, that run might be feeling a lot harder.

Anyway, sorry to ramble and waffle on your thread. You're doing great, keep going.

Trust me

Trust me with everyday that goes bye the easier it gets................you wont notice that much in a short space of time but trust me im on my 3rd month and its very rare now that i get an aggressive crave, if i do it lasts only seconds :D

Think of it this way..................for example when you was young and you had that uncle or your great aunt that you only saw about every 6 months,the first words they would say were HASN'T HE/SHE grown..............but your mother or father wouldn't have noticed because they see you everyday.

So just give it time.........................and be patient :D:D:D

Glad you won the battle newleaf.

I am still winning too. Had a terrible nights sleep, woke up every 5 - 15 minutes and looked at the time. Bit odd as i have no intention of smoking, you would think my body would have realised that after an hour!

Anyway feel a bit odd today but sure i'm not going to smoke. I probably should move onto a different day in here!

Hope everyone else is doing well! x

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