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Now where is my trumpet? I need to blow it!

Bit of a special day for me today folks. I haven't had one puff of a cigarette for six months.

I feel pretty damn good. I confess to having the odd moment when I feel craves, but it's pretty easy to just give them a nod, and move on. Because I know what I've overcome before, they don't scare me.

And I have gained so much, I feel like a different person.

I feel immeasurably healthier. (I put on more than a stone due to stuffing my face with everything in sight for about three months - when people talked about healthy snacks I had to resist the temptation to stick an eclair up their nose - but I'm starting to lose it again now. Helps that I can cycle six miles a day with no ill effects!). I feel happier, calmer, more secure in myself, cleaner. I wish I could say richer, but as a rollie smoker I don't really notice any change there. Oh well.

I have had times in this six months when I have obsessed about smoking every waking minute, and I've been utterly miserable. People on the forum told me 'it will get better' and I clung to that but I can't say I always believed it. I thought perhaps I was just one of those people for whom that feeling of freedom would never come. Well, I'm here to tell you, they were right. It passes... all the bad stuff passes.

The secret is repeated conscious choice. Nothing else matters but that when the craving rears its ugly head, you face it down and choose life. One day at a time, this is an achievable thing for all of us.

Sorry to have rambled but I really do feel this is a special day. I won't post any more milestones now until they're dusting off my barstool in the penthouse.

One more thing. I couldn't possibly have made it this far without this forum and I thank each and every one of you for all the support and laughs and inspiration. Every time I looked at a tobacco display I felt like I had an invisible army of quitters standing behind me saying 'don't you dare!'.

Lots of love to all of you. Keep going!

H x

PS I was an honorary Jan quitter even though I quit in December ... that means all the jan quitters will be coming up to their half year soon. Big shout out to you guys!!!

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Congratulations Hels, you are doing amazing, and you have been so helpful for all us newbies coming up behind you. Keep it up girl :)


Massive congratulations to you! You've cracked it - blow that trumpet for all you are worth! You have every right to feel very proud of yourself!

Thank you for your post - I am a good way behind you and it is so good to read about how it does get easier and it CAN be done! Plus it's good to know the weight will start to come off!

This is a club i am proud to be part of :D


Whoop Whoop Helen well done you - you are sooooo helpful to everyone else on this forum and always willing to help - truly inspirational !!!! huge well done and hug :D


congratulations to you!! :D u so well deserve to blow your own trumpet!! im at 3 weeks tomorrow and im so excited to have got this far, can only imagine wot your feeling!! but when i get there i will be sure to let you all know :) good luck and keep going!! :)


Lovelly post there Hels, 6 months already, well done on that too. You do know thats half a year and half way to the penthouse.

You have been a big help to those coming up behind you and have been an inspiration to those too, i too love reading your posts and seeing your journey be a good strong one. You have done so well and rightly you should be shouting about your achievement's.

Again well done Hun. Heres to the next 6 months and meeting at the penthouse :) just in time for Christmas xx


Well done, Helsbelles. What a fantastic acheivement. I hope I can follow your lead this time. :)


Hey Hels!

That's soooo great! I also felt like 6 months was quite a momentous occasion, but also feel free to post whenever you feel like pointing out that you're glad that you don't smoke any more :) (i.e. I was very tempted to post about my 9 months and 9 days today for some reason!)

You really embraced your quit and I remember you being such a massive help in times when I've been down so thank you for that and I'm so glad to see that you're still around!


ps - I'm reaching 10 months soon and the weight has finnaally begun to come off slowly but surely... give it time and effort and it'll happen for you too. mind you, even when I was at my heaviest I felt much healthier than I ever did when I smoked!


A wonderful and inspiring post,Helen.Congrats on the 6 months ..its a wonderful achievement and your body will be so much better for it.Best wishes for a lifelong and healthy quit....and thanks for your support to other members.Its much appreciated.


Well done on your 6 months hellsbells, you sound so happy! enjoyed reading your post ...!

Now wheres the celebration party? ;)


Yippeeee, well done Helen............a few of us will be hot on your heels late next week but for now allow yourself to bask in the glory ;):D:D


congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! so so happy for you..make some room for me...9 more days and ill join you at 6 months....its all worth it & you did so proud!! we can fight for our lives and proved it!!


Congrats Helen and a wonderful post as well.

I'm a little ways behind you (month 4), but I can relate to much of your experiences. Especially, "repeated conscious choice", that's the key.


Because 6 months is a major milestone and no matter what anyone else says nothing is as good as a bit of music

Congratulations and remember you are half way to the Penthouse, bet your legs ache.


Jamangie, thanks for that! My brother had that trumpet voluntary at his wedding, I remember.

And here's an inspirational song for everyone on the journey with me. Keep going y'all... YEE HAH!


Really really well done Helsbelles. You are one of my heroines on this site and I couldn't be more pleased to see you sounding so happy!

Major achievement :D


Smashing post. Brilliant quit!



So sorry I missed your 6 months. Thats a MASSIVE achievement :D:D

Really pleased for you.

Hope you did something fun to celebrate :)

Sian xx


Congratulations to you. Well done on getting to 6 months. You must be very proud!!!


Never heard the song or the singer, but I love country and I will check some of his other songs out.


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