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Day 15 Champix - Not going well

Hello Everyone,

I am 25 yo, on day 15 of champix and finding it quite difficult.

I am still smoking, which intially was advised that I wouldn't be by day 14?

But, I had my follow up appointment yesterday and was informed that some people can go up to day 25 still smoking, i'm not enjoying smoking but find I still fancy one. I usually smoke around 10 a day and this has halfed, which is great.

I have tried champix twice before and gave them up in the third week because I find it gets really hard...Is this normal? I find i'm quite tired because of the lack of sleep and vivid dreams, eating more than normal, feel sick after my morning tablet for about an hour and at random points throughout the day, and my skin is really bad and have started getting spots.

As well as this i'm finding it quite hard to be motivated and my mother has pointed out "your not yourself" I have explained its only for another 9 weeks but because I still haven't stopped smoking i'm finding it really difficult to keep going. I'm not sure whether trying to not have a cigarrette at all and carry on taking the champix would be the best idea, or to stop taking the tablets and try another approach is going to be better?? :confused:

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Thanks Karri.

I will see how it goes for now, some helpful tips and advice would be great as well :)


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