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No Smoking Day
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Last Day Here - Moving On Up!

Last day on this level as I'm three weeks tomorrow so moving up to four week level :)

I had a HORRIFIC weekend - my husband was away so I did nothing but think about smoking all every minute of every day at the weekend and almost caved after a few drinks on Sunday night - I literally had the phone in my hand to call a taxi to take me to the garage for smokes. I don't know where I found the strength to change my mind, but thank the Lord I did, and I woke up the next day almost crying with relief that I didn't cave in and smoke.

Hope everyone is doing good - onwards and upwards :)

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Just a little suggestion.When you're having a really bad day thinking about smoking or wanting to smoke.Think about all the NEGATIVE things smoking does to you and all the POSITIVE things Not smoking will have on your life.Remember that cigarettes are A TOXIC friend.Who wants that.And congratulations on resisting the temptation to smoke.BE STRONG during these early days.Three weeks is fantastic......PS when having a bad day..try a bit of reverse psychology and say to yourself ----AT least I am A NONSMOKER!!!!!...Be proud of yourself.


Hi Blondie - I'm right behind you (Quit 2nd June) and also think about smoking a lot - but not surprising when it was something I did every 30 minutes throughout the day, and when I wasn't doing it, I was planning the next one! Have you got a Quit counter to admire instead of thinking about cigarettes? My favourite is on my Ipod called My Last Cigarette and has pretty graphs and a horrible picture every day - it was either free or 59p (but I can afford it now!). Whenever I look at it I can't bear the idea of setting it back to Zero again.....


Hi guys, thanks for all your replies :)

I seem to be fine during the week, probably cause I'm at work most of the day then at the gym most nights so I don't really have time to think about smoking and I rarely crave one. It's the weekend that's my downfall, more time to think and also knowing I'll be having a drink - smoking and drinking go together like fish and chips :) Also because the other half was away, I'd even more time on my hands to think. If it had been early on in my quit I imagine I probably would've smoked but because I'm now heading into my fourth week I know it would be a complete sin to start smoking again, cause I'd have to go through all this again and quite frankly I couldn't possibly! So I was able to say "sod off" to the voice inside my head telling me I needed to smoke - getting stronger all the time :)


Well done Blondie ....you are doing great:D

I sometimes think I just fancy a fag and then I remind myself of why I gave up the life threatening habit , take a deep breath and continue on my smoke free journey.

Hope you will too ....sounds to me like you are determined:)

Regards Trev.

Ps if you want to join the May11 quitters you are more than welcome ....we don't bite....or smoke lol .


Thanks Blade :)

I think we're gonna start up a wee June Quit Group to keep an eye on each other :)


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