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day 8 so moved to here lol

Hi All

Now on day 8, was bad this morning but fine now

went visiting today to a house full of smokers and coped really well

watching other people smoke made me feel good about myself

gave me more willpower to carry on (daft or what lol)

Hopefully I have gotten over the bad bit didnt even eat loads lol (been eating to stop cravings)

Taking one day at a time


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Well done Bill,

Im still eating to control cravings on day nine!!!!

But sure i will loose whatever I put on im sure.

Congratulations on making it through today

Keep going cause I am



Well done Bill on reaching day 8, you are doing really great!!!!!

Being around smokers is very hard especially so early on and i'm sure those on week 8 or month 8 probably find it hard around smokers still.

I'm like you when I have been around smokers I do feel good for being an ex smoker, long may it continue hey?.

Keep strong and focussed.



morning everyone

day 9 just starting been awake 2 hours coping ok

16hr patches are hard, trying to last 8hr's without a patch its difficult

taking each second at a time

taking car for MOT today going to be a stressfull day MOT's are worse than going to dentist

thanks for all your support



Hi Bill :D

Day 9 almost to the double figure milestone that's great

Good luck with the MOT but remember today would be even more stressful with a fag


Marg xx


Took car for MOT at 9am had to leave it there they phoned me at 12 It passed lol

was a bad morning but if i can go thru that stress without a ciggy then I know I can succeed lol

Best thing I have done is give up

Second best thing I have done is join this site



Well done Bill, 8 days is great. Good your car passed MOT, this is a good day.



Well done Bill, keep strong

I eat too just munching all the time then wondering why I'm getting a lardy bum :D


Ah ha!! There you are Bill!!

I was still looking in the week 1 forums. But look at you now running through week 2.

well done indeed. IT DOES get easier as the days pass. It really does. For some this takes a bit longer than others. But it does happen in the end.

Early on I kept saying to myself - I AM NOT GOING BACK TO DAY ONE. Some people do go back to day one straight away. Fair play to them for commencing the quit right away again. I just couldn't do it. So apart from willpower, sheer stubbornness, and this desire not to 'go back to day 1 again' - has seen me enter my 14th day tomorrow.

Good luck bill - the rewards are worth it. And to those just browsing, on which ever day of their quit, or counting the days to their quit, good luck - well done - and believe in yourself.



Day 8 tomorrow!! See you all later! hope you're as friendly as the 1 weekers!:D


nearly the end of day 9

starting to feel normal again can have a conversation now

the last 9 days have been hard but I feel like I have gotten over a hurdle

Started talking to my wife and daughter normaly again lol

getting back to my normal self is a relief

still feel as if I need to light up but hav'nt just eat instead lol

I know its only nicotine that I am addicted to but its still an addiction

My mind and body feels like it needs its fix just like any addict

people who arnt addicts dont understand

be back tomorrow lol



Day 10

At first I was sleeping all the time but now I cant sleep, got up at 4am today,

it was 5am yesterday hope this isent a trend lol

I am on the 16hr patch so mornings are a bit edgy untill I put patch back on.

Are we cheating using NRT?

Are we fooling are selves?

Whats going to happen when I go onto stage 2 (less nicotine)?

no need to answer just writing down my thoughts lol



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