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No Smoking Day
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Last day,then moving on up to month 3

Hi All

I start on month 3 2morrow , if you count it in weeks.

Last few days have had some craves.OMG where have they come from.

I could quite easily light one up.:eek:

I hope this passes soon. Dropping to 7mg patch on wednesday.

Hope everyone is ok.

Buffy--hope to catch you on here.Keep missing you.

Barb x

5 Replies

Well done Barb. :D


Well done Barb! You should be extremely proud of yourself. We sure are of you! Keep up the good work!


Sees Boudee in the corner and waves.....HELLO


HI Barb

WEll done girl the time has gone so fast your doing great. Bet them craves are nothing like the ones the first few days. Hows that family of yours doing Love to you all Linda xxx


good on you barb

keep it up x


well done barb, what an achievement, hopefully be joining you on month three in a couple of weeks! :D

Stay strong, charlene. :)


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