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At last its moving on

Thought I would post on here as this seems to be the best area to mention weight or should I say lack of, after I quit I did pile on a few pounds :( but was ok with that as I was a really skinny smoker, then after I was poorly last year I lost lots of weight, but once I started to get better I seemed be back to square one again and I went up to a really bad weight, higher than I had ever been even when preggies, but I have been calorie counting for the last couple of weeks and have finally started to see the weight fall off and I can honestly say that it has been harder than quitting smoking :rolleyes: but it’s great to be able to get back into jeans that I could not get past the thighs, so I am going to keep watching those calories and will hopefully get down to my pre quit weight and stay there, I found a great site it does all the work for you so you know where you are every day, its free and doesnt bombard you with pop ups or adds so its worth looking at if you are struggling.

I hope everyone else is starting to be happy with their weight one way or another and even if its a littler heavier than you would like at the moment try not to worry too much as it will eventualy level out, those munchy moments do get less and less the longer you are smoke free.

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Thanx Jamangie , i will have a lil look at this :D xx


Hi that’s the exact same reason I decided to use it, if you stick to it there is no reason why you cannot eat something every day that would possibly be classed as forbidden but then you can cut back on the rest of the food to get within you daily calorie intake.

Even walking the dog gives you extra calories (food LOL) and running up and down the stairs for 20 mins gives you 200 free calories.

I splashed out £6.99 on a small set of scales from Argos which are great for weighing in grams, guessing didn’t seem to be an option in case I under ate or over seems most of the time I get more food than I thought I would LOL so never hungry and have had some days where I had crisps and a couple of days where I had some choccy.

I have devised a full week of eating so if you want any recipes or ideas let me know by message and I will send them across, if you like soup most home made is 60 calories per bowl full.

Happy dieting is the target not feeling deprived, and for the site to be free that’s a bigger bonus.

Who said you have to be miserable to be slim :)


Calorie counting is much easier than you think when you get in to it; it's the route I've chosen mixed with a little gym and swimming. 3 curries in two weeks and still the best part go 8lbs down.

After trying slimmers work twice (with the wife!!) I'm finding this route much easier.

I started with my RMR and worked forward from there.


I bought myself one of these electrical jobbies to measure body water, fat, muscle etc. Useful little thingo. For example today I've actually put on a tiny bit of weight but actually everything is heading in the right direction (scales don't take water etc in to account).

With this I can still see my BMI has gone down a few points, fat reduced and muscle increased.

Really recommend them to anybody trying to keep on top of their health; not expensive either.


Thanks for the link Stav, will see if I can get this locally. Together with Jamangie's link I am determined to become more healthy :D

G x


Thanks for that link Jamangie. I have registered now and I know what my body mass is and how long it will take to lose thye weight and also how many calories I am allowed ina day (more than a thousand) so that is a bonus. Any ideas for recipes you have and any dieting tips I would be most grateful of. Thanks again.


Hi all just to let you know that for the first time since I quit the dreaded weed I am now down under 10 stone and although it was hard it is now so worth it as I can fit back into some of my pre quit clothes and my BMI is now back in a safe area, hoping that losing the next stone will not be too much harder and that it will bring my BP back to pre quit numbers, the weight loss does seem to have hit a plateau, so having to go up again to go down, means a couple of big treats for 2 days, mmmmm Chinese takeaway tomoz.

Yes if anyone wants the daily food I ate they are welcome to it if you send me your email I will sent lists, never madly exciting but it got me here LOL

I met someone the other day who like me had put on 3 stone in weight since quitting, she has now been quit 16 years and guess what she has started smoking again to lose the weight, mad or what, silly because now after smoking for 2 weeks she is short of breath and has her cough back, it’s ok though cause she has gone of eating and has lost 6 pounds, think I might try it, I don’t think.

Hope your quits are going well, try not to become too focused on your weight though as it will definitely go down when you are further along the smoke free road, just wish I could have bunged up my mouth when I first quit LOL

Onwards and upwards, no on second thoughts onwards and downwards.


Jamangie...boy are you correct. I love your signature line about cancer being tough. I am an 11 year survivor and I can tell you that going through the cancer was worse than anything I had done up until then. Unfortunately I have had to bury my son and my husband since then but the cancer still is up there.

Quitting now, you add time onto your life. Not sure how much time but every minute is important. I want my grandchildren to remember me and to be around me, I want to watch them grow up. My 6 year old Samantha still remembers Grandpa being taken away in an ambulance and never coming back. Those 2 were buddies. Samantha turned 2 years old 2 days after Grandpa passed away. She is 6 now and still remembers him and talks about him. Every minute I don't smoke is another minute I have given myself and my grandchildren. Those minutes mean the world to me and I will treasure them until the day I die.

I have excepted the fact that my days are numbered...I smoked for 44 years and I now have Emphsema...but, I refuse to let it put me down. I will do everything in my power to stay as healthy as I can so I can enjoy my babies and they can enjoy me.

I guess you can say that I have made my peace and will live each day to the fullest and while I am doing that I want to be sure to help some one struggling to quit smoking or maybe fight a different demon...cancer or emphysema or any number of things. I just want to do good with the time I have it a day or be it 10 years. I hope to reach out and make a difference....ppat


Quitting is easy if you don't mind putting weight on!

First time I gave up (for 9 years - please don't ask why I forced myself to become a smoker again, stupidest thing I've ever done) I put on 4 stone. When I wanted to smoke I had a Crunchie instead. I was on 10 a day. I'm on Day 3 of the rematch at the moment. This time it's bowls of cereal which sounds better for you but will have the same result in the long run. So tonight I join Weight Watchers, to try and put some limits around it. I'm not beating myself up about the disgusting amounts of food I've consumed over the past 3 days but I'm also not going to let it carry on because it will undermine my quit and that really matters.


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