No Smoking Day
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1st day

Hello eveyone

this is about my 10th time trying to quit smoking , I have been smoking for about 10years now and have decided to quit. I know this is a very hard thing to do thats why I joined this forum. Atleast I got through 1 day without giving in to those damn things. I have big respect for everyone on here trying to quit like myself and I wish everyone good luck with this struggle. Its just so hard to not think about smoking. Lets see how she goes.

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hello and welcome to the forum!! it is hard to quit but it is worth me..just please keep trying and never give up the fight!!...we are all here to help one another..we post when need be and keep strong and have faith in can do it!!

and congrats on you one day quit!!!:D


hi argon, best of luck, remember what alan carr says, don't think about smoking!

are you feeling more healthy yet now you're not filling your lungs with that poison every hour?



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