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Day 22 and struggling :(

Hi everyone I am finally on day 22 smoke free using champix but have found the last 2 days really hard I thought it was going to get easier but it's just got worse :( I'm really grumpy and the poor boyfriend does not know what to do! I'm happy one minute and sad the next! I was expecting this at the beginning but I never had it this bad! I really had it in my head the other day that when I went to fill up with fuel I was going to buy some cigs but I managed to pick up Percy pigs instead and walk out with out buying the cigs :) I know my doctor is going to like me for not smoking but I think my dentist might hate me! Any ideas what to eat other than rubbish?



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hiya - well done for resisting. You're doing great!

Lots of us found it hard after the first couple of weeks: we kind of expected that once the nicotene withdrawal was over everything would be hunky dory. In fact once the initial thrill of the quit wears off there can be quite a tough period of psychological withdrawal to face. You have to take it one day at a time, don't let it get you down. It will get better!

Eat percy pigs all you want for now. If I hadn't had chewy werthers for the first few weeks I'd have caved for sure! But if you're really worried lots of people have said put grapes in the freezer and snack on them. Or you could try sugar free lollies or sweets?

Keep going. You can do this!

Helen x


Hi Sara , 22 days is great:).

There will be good days and bad days throughout your quit BUT far as your health is concerned every day without a poison stick is a GREAT DAY:D.

Hang in there will get easier:cool:

Trev x


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