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Day 22

Just woke up to start day 22. Feeling good, sun is shining and although I think about smoking quite often the physical pain of withdrawel is over. Now If only I could get over this mental hurdle of 'wanting' a cig so badly at times all would be great. Can't wait for the day or days when it's no longer even a thought. I'll get there, we all will. It just takes time. NOPE!

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That's the one........the psychological that is the sneaky and underhand one, which is actually ourselves being sneaky, underhand and destructive against ourselves. Over 3 months in I can hand on heart write that my thought craves are nowhere near as strong as they were a month and longer ago, but they are still there rumbling around.

Breathe and NOPE, breathe and NOPE.

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Your right – its our psych, our minds creating this horror that causing our own grief – when did this happen, how the hell did we ever get so sneaky and destructive?? phew definitely need to shelf that one for another time:-)) For now - Breathe and NOPE works for me;-)


Hey Canada - your up, the sun is shining and your feeling good - Sounds like a great day to me!!!

Like Walkabout said - That one is a sneaky thing and will probably be around for a while, but the good best news is it gets weaker with time Just keep at it - what ever your doing is working

22 is a great number.


Yes :) it really does get easier. I never believed it, but it's true. I wake up some mornings and don't think about it for a few hours. I never thought it could happen!! Just take it one hour at a time - and you'll be grand :)

Keep it up Canwe :)


Yep weCan :-) ' he he'


Great job Canwes :)

I've got over wanting. Sometimes I still WANT to want, which is just bizarre...but it'll pass, everything else has so far :)

Good luck and welcome x


I reckon you just got your rollers a little too tight is all:-)


Hehe :) Probably!


Pretty nice group of supporters here that's for sure. How can a person possibly cave with all this wonderful support.........:)

I'm gonna hang in there and see how much easier the ability to say no to the urges becomes. It would be such a shame to go back now. Last year I was running and managed to get up to 12k on my runs while being a smoker, it's my goal to start running again some time after July 1st, maybe it'll help me shed a few of the pounds that have appeared out of no where. One challenge at a time, lol.


you will do it, just as long as you keep your chin up and always remember what you just said in the post above :-)


Running has sorted out my extra crisps and nuts weight from my quit-eats :) Can't do 12k yet, but I'll get there :)

You'll be so pleased with running smoke-free, it's amazing the difference it makes.


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