Day 22

Day 22

New room for me

All in all I feel fabulous, positive and very impressed with myself. The 1st week had some tricky days and last week I had a humungus crave that came out the blue and made me feel a bit scared but I have been super ever since. I have kept myself busy busy. I wake up with a few mind games but they arnt strong and I have a nice breakfast and cup of tea nice and slowly. I seem to be taking more time over everything I do which is a good thing. I think I was always rushing when I was smoking. I now lay in bed for a while every morning which is bliss. I am getting more done indoors which is a bonus. I am still walking 2 miles each day on at least 5 days of each week, it really helps burn up anxiety. Onwards and upwards

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  • Isn't it wonderful when we finally make that decision to quit, then follow the dream of realisation, that we can indeed do this amazing life changing event for our selves, your doing a grand job going into 4 weeks WOW. WOW.

    Just keep going, as each day passes you will gain momentum in your quit, fantastic news indeed

  • Lovely to hear that you are full of positivity!! Brilliant Gerti! Keep up the tremendous work xxx

  • Thanks for all your replies, it really does help

    Tea I love flowers and adore biscuits, shortbread being my fav xx ps I am also going to buy myself a star chart :D

  • Lovely post Gerti. Congratulations and enjoy your new room.

  • Well Done That Gerti! :D:D:D

    My OH makes wonderful shortbread so I shall send a virtual tin or two your way. So wonderful to see you rocking through the rooms like this. :)

  • Thank you x

  • A day when my chimp (nico demon) has been on my shoulder almost all day long. Long day at the hospital, cab to take us was 1 and half hours late to take us !!! I stayed calm, I took deep breaths, I kidded mum along and made her laugh but all the while my chimp was flicking me and trying to pull me down. No massive cravings just aware he is very much about at the moment. I knew this was going to be a tough week and tough week its proving to be BUT I am tough enough to keep plodding along taking each day as it comes and I am very proud of my choices x

  • Thanks girls. Life is dealing me some nastys, some hard emotional things and some difficult mind numbing tasks but I am plodding thru taking each day as it comes xx

  • Thanks TG

    I knew this week was going to be tough and I am prepared for the long sloggy type days. My mum is totally dependant on me 24 hrs a day, she is now terminal and I am doing a grand job keeping her as upbeat as possible. She lives with us and its a great place for her to be as its a busy family home which keeps her on her toes. I am doing the very best I can do and its nothing to do with this why I am struggling at the min. When I relapsed back in 2013 I had got myself so down due to emotional family problems that cannot be solved. Over the last 2 years I have learnt to cope the best I can and felt I was strong enough to quit again but I've received some emotional news regarding my family problems that basically floored me today. I am working through this and tonight I feel a little better. I cried today for the 1st time since I quit and I think it was a release. I absolute know 100% that cigs would just increase the sadness, frustration and anger that is rearing up but it doesn't help my FEELINGS and its these damned feelings that I need to get to grips with and work through. I have worked very hard leading up to this quit and I feel so many benefits since I've quit that I am not going to throw away this chance I have for the life I crave. I am also very lucky to have a good hubby, who is also feeling angry at the moment and he doesn't smoke !! We all have problems, each and everyone of us and we just have to get thru and live our lives the best way we can. My heart goes out to the French at the moment.

    Thanks for letting me rant away, not looking for pity, just needed to write xx

  • Gerti, I am so sorry you are having a tough time, sending a hug your way. But very well done on staying quit. The early days are hard enough anyway so you are doing so well. Make sure you take care of yourself too. xx

  • Thank you

    Just had a look back at my failed quit in 2013 and I fell back onto the death sticks after 23 days. I happen to be around day 27 at the moment so this is looking like a pattern for me. I think HORMONES are contributing (sorry guys) but they truly do mimic nicotine withdrawal and that is a fact and as such can make the hard days seem heavier. I would also like to add that women from the age of 45 onwards should study their hormone effects on their emotions before or while quitting. The change can be very powerful for women but if you educate yourself it helps.

    I am more optimistic today and ready for the hospital xx

  • Gerti, I never failed to be humbled by how many of my fellow forum family members manage to quit despite having horrendous external pressures to cope with. I think you deserve a medal, I really do....

    Please accept many virtual hugs from me along with my best wishes for you and yours. It's no walk in the park being a full-time carer however much you love the person (or people) you're caring for. I know you have a wonderful OH but are you getting any support from outside your family? Is there a local Carers Centre you could contact for example?

    So sorry you have so much to deal with at present but many, many congratulations for doing so splendidly well with your quit.

  • Thank you for all your posts, such a great help.

    Hormones have definately played a part in my previous failed quits and I hope by posting that will help someone. The good thing is that hormones do lift again and after a day or so of feeling the tension, its packs its bags and leaves town again, very much like the nicotine demon.

    TG you are a rock, I have replied to you hunny xx

    This woman is cooking a large traybake today with lemon icing xxxx

  • This woman is cooking a large traybake today with lemon icing xxxx


    What time am I expected?

    May you have a happy and crave-free day Gerti.

  • Thanks everyone

    Skiddaw you would love this sponge cake, its blooming lovely

    I don't get any support with mum but If the time comes where I feel I need it I will be the 1st to ask. I do however make time for myself here and there as I know how important it is. I also feel it is important for other quitters, especially newish ones, to read that other people may be feeling low at certain stages of their quit as I know that reading other peoples posts has helped me xx

  • Well said Gerti :)

    Glad to hear your mum is doing well.

    Any chance of the recipe? I do love a good tray-bake and that one sounds particularly divine. :D

  • Gerti, the fact that you have to go through so much and still stay strong and nic free is definitely an inspiration to us all.

    I do agree that to just be able to post a rant or to vent anything out on this forum helps so much. If I had found something like this years ago it would have definitely helped me stay smoke free.

  • Starting life I find somedays we need to do the one day at a time thing and it works like a golden key. Well done you

  • Excellent Gerti, sounds like your reaping all the benefits! Well done :)

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