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one week again

i have reached a week again its not been too bad yet i just cant wait till i get to a month as i have already quit for a month this year back in march and i feel i need to get past that point to feel like im getting anywhere if that makes sense.i think im emotions are driving me mad every time im happy,sad,bored i think about going for a fag then i have to remind myself i have quit i seem to forget alot of the time.any way good luck to everyone else out there quitting especially daisy who i see is also still here a week later.glad your feeling more positive now.bye lisa

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hi lisa - and thanks for the luck - heres some back for you :)

Spose we just have to take each day as it comes.

Im the same with the 3 month mark i reached not that long ago, well lets try to make the most of our time whatever is going on - we will never have 'now' again

was wondering where you got to this morning , nice to hear your still here

slowly but surley

1 week is great - really - well done

daizy x


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