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Oh...god...give me strength


HELP! I'M SOOOO CLOSE TO QUITTING MY QUIT!!! I don't get it...I'm not under huge stress..just silly things but both me & my OH are gagging. I am constantly running thru my head the reasons why we gave up but it's making no difference. It's just as well we live in the sticks otherwise we'd have started again by now but we are starting to crumble, I'm afraid :eek:

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Sophie, don't do it! You'll get past this like you've got past others. Read the last thread you started, when you reached 4 months and remind yourself... yes, it's tough as hell, but could you bear to start all this again?

Make the right choice. Tough it out. You'll be so glad you did.

Hang in there!


I'm trying....I really am. Can't even understand why it's hitting us like this....but, christ it's hard

Come on Sophie; you both can do it. You are ahead by 5 days of o/h and myself. I do know what you mean tho; we live rurally too and there are some days that I shout at the top of my flipping lungs I WANT A CIGARETTE AND I WANT IT NOW. Then I STOMP round for a bit. If o/h is home, he generally says, if its that bad he will go up the road and bum me one. I generally feel silly and it goes away.

Sophie, I won't lie to you, if my doc told me it would not harm me or my kiddies, I would start again right away, but I doubt he will soon be telling me that.

As much as I would like to give in, I REFUSE to go through the pain of quitting again. The immense mood swings ..the IMMENSE weight gain..and really and truly being MENTAL. This quit has taken so much out of me, I could not do it again so I just have to be grown up and stick it out.

Stick it out with me Sophie - with any luck you will enter the penthouse and have drinks and snacks out for o/h and myself when we drop in.

Courage to you both


Eat whatever is your favourite food, go for a walk, hit someone or something, go to bed, run around the nearest field screaming your head off. Do anything, anything at all, but don't smoke.

You KNOW deep down how much you'll hate it when you do and how cross you'll be with yourselves.

My OH and I gave up together and we have challenged each other if one of us feels like smoking. Sort of, go on do one more hour, just for me... Or 'HA HAH. Knew I'd bea you ( nasty but I works!);)

PLEASE don't give in...

Thanks everyone. Stupid thing is, I gave up before...each time for 3 years & I sure as hell do NOT remember hitting a wobble like this after 5 bloody months...it's ridiculous. I have worked my butt off in the garden, walked the dogs for bloody miles, read endless books, played mindless games on FB, eaten what I can afford...have even come off the damn tablets prescribed for my cholesterol, in case they're triggering the cravings...but in the background like the drumming in 'Zulu' is the sentence running over & over again, like those neon signs on top of tall buildings...'I want a fag' 'I want a fag'. Aaarrrgghhh!

Hi Sophie, you have to admit you don’t really want to smoke or you wouldn’t be on here now asking for someone to persuade you not too, say you did give in and you smoked do you think tomorrow you would be thinking, great I am a smoker again, nope of course you wouldn’t you would probably cry because all it takes is that one puff and you will be hooked once again and god knows how long it would be before you could reach this stage of your quit again, I know it doesn’t stop you wanting one, but at least if you get past this day you will find that all the other craves will be small in comparison, I like you had one day where I was gasping for a cig and I came on here and someone who was my friend talked me down and I didn’t smoke and I haven’t smoked since either 17 months now, there hasn’t been one day since then that I haven’t been so glad I didn't give in, so hang in there and I know you will be so glad you didn't crumble.

That's why I've posted...the craving's been getting worse over this past month. Serves me right...benn looking at the posts of those who've had them at the 4 month mark & been condescending...well, now I know better!

That's why I've posted...the craving's been getting worse over this past month. Serves me right...benn looking at the posts of those who've had them at the 4 month mark & been condescending...well, now I know better!

LOL but it is different for us all, I cant remember when my mad crave was but I know it was as bad as it gets, have you tried sweeties, not good for the figure but they sure take your mind off the cigs.

I have just found this on the net it reads quite good and although it is for those that have tried many times I think it could help any one no matter where they are in there quit.


Stay strong Sophie, I'm only on day 4 and believe me you don't want to be back here!! I'd give anything to be where you are now and hopefully will get there in time. All the best.. Phoebe x

Listen to Pheobe Sophie, we tend to forget what it would be like to go back. I got massive cravings around the 6-7 month mark and slipped and had two. I regret those two because I know that when I reach the penthouse I won't be able to say '1 year smoke free'... but at the same time I realised how I had been driving myself mad for something I didnt even want anymore!

Believe me, you're putting fags up on a pedestal.. it seems to be your subconcious which is constantly telling you to have a fag, so logical arguments won't always work.. why don't you have a look on the internet to see what you can do through 'subliminal messaging'? It may sounds silly but if it saves your quit then it's worth a try :)

In the meantime, hang in there - it won't last forever, promise!

Oh, no...I'm definately not putting fags on a pedestal...I hate them & I hate the thought of back sliding. I cannot explain where these cravings have come from...both myself & my OH are totally gutted that they're back. I do not understand why they've appeared as we were completely committed to the quit...unfortunately, you're talking to someone who hates logical arguments & has always ignored logical thought, both me & OH are the least logical organised people in the world so I can't think about the situation logically!!! (In fact, the word 'logically' brings me out in a sweat!!! Lol!)

We gave up simply because we wanted to...& probably to see if we could...well we did & managed it, perhaps that's why we're wobbling...we proved a point to ourselves, showed it could be done. Still, it's the next day...here's hoping the cravings don't appear today

LOL Sophie - you could be a tough one to convince why you should stay stopped !

I wish you well.....

Lol! It'll be my sheer stubbornness that'll keep me going!!!

Sophie - whatever it is that keeps you quit I hope it works for you.

Good luck

Sophie a friend of mine felt like you did at the same stage and it turned out they had a very addictive personality. They stopped the cravings by finding another addiction - legal of course

Karrie? There's a legal addiction? What was it? & I think you've hit the nail on the head there...I do have an addictive personality...the last relatively successful quit I had (3 years free) I went to the gym each time I had a craving & worked it off which could have added up to 3 or 4 times a day. This time (12 years later) my back & knee's are f**ked with osteo arthritis (possibly with overdoing it at the gym, lol!)I've had a suspected heart attack (2 months after quitting!) so the gym's out...the swimming pool is miles away & I live in one of the most beautiful areas in North Wales & can only hobble to & fro with the dogs so I've no way of cutting my mind off or working off my cravings, short of knocking me out! Aaarrrgghh! :eek:

Well, at least I'm not depressed or self pitying, I guess :D

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