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What happens next? And a couple of other questions :)

Hello all,

I am on day 2 with patches and the odd chew of the inhalator.

I have been reading how some prefer to go CT to get the nicotine out of their systems right away, I SO SO admire those people! When (not if) I get to the end of the 12 week course of patches, will I go through the withdrawal as if quitting all over again? This thought is terrifying me.

My nurse did say if I needed longer then 12 weeks then that is fine and I could go for as long as I needed. But does that mean I am still addicted, just getting my fix another way? When I go down in patches, does that really work in coming off them altogether? I am terrified that I am just "prolonging the agony" and will have to "proper quit" in 12 weeks?

Do you think there is some kind of "kudos" to those brave souls that go CT from the start? I know, so know that as long as we quit, that's the main thing, its just that from reading some posts, I wonder if I am being "chicken" and just putting off the agony? Is my quit just as real as theirs? Do I have a right to feel just as proud of myself even though I still have my hit of nicotine?:(

Don't get me wrong, I will not just rip off a patch and either smoke or try CT, I would much rather do it this way then not at all, I guess I am just thinking aloud and wondered what others think?

Thanks for any input and so sorry for the amount of questions.

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Loopy, the purpose of NRT like patches is to help you get off the psychological cravings while still providing sufficient nicotine to your body to prevent the physical cravings. For some people it is better to use NRT, and for others it is better to go CT.

There is no right or wrong way of going about quitting, nor is there any need to consider people that use one method or another better or worse in any way. The end goal is the same, and that is what is important. Stop smoking.

Now, for the patches, the purpose is to lower the levels of nicotine until your body adapts to such a point that no longer using the patches doesn't physically affect you any more. Many people find that after having used the patches for several weeks, they forget to put the patch on and don't even notice any physical symptoms, meaning their body has already adapted and no longer needs nicotine.

I don't think there is anything to fear. Just keeping using the patches at low doses as long as you need.



Hi Loopy

Welcome aboard!!

I think Alex has very eliquently said all that needs to be said, evryone is diiferent and everyone experiences differnces in their quit.

The important thing is the end result, not how we get there, so if you feel comfortable with patches you go ahead and use them, just do whatever you have to so that you don't smoke and over time the rest will sort itself out.

A lot of members here have recomended housework as a method of distracting yourself early on in your quit, and I must say my gaffe is looking a little messy if you can spare a few minutes....:D


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