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Day 18. Not feeling like myself any more

Im finding that some days are easy and others are just plain old horrible. Especially today, I just can't motivate my self to do anything. Feeling incredibly down and warn. I guess that is one of the side effects of withdrawal. Im just going to try keep my head up and keep my day active. Does any one know how long it will take to feel normal again? and also, before I never really drank that much and now when I have gone out I have just seemed to drink faster and more, has any one else experienced this? Im planning on going for a full Detox for a good month, but im hoping this won't make me feel worse than I already am. any Ideas?


Jimmy :)

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Hi Jimmy sorry you are having a bad day. The, when will I feel normal again, is asked a lot around here so you are not on your own. The answer is always that we are all different, and that you as a non smoker may well be different from you as a smoker and it will take time to adjust to the new you!

Give yourself time to adjust, keep reading the links and post often.


Hi Jimmy - stick in there and keep yourself busy. I have found, like you, I'm drinking more than before and I put this down to having more time actually in the pub as I'm not going out for a fag every 20 minutes. I'm also not sleeping very well so a few jars or glasses of wine tend to knock me out a bit quicker. I know I've got to keep a close eye on this but I can only tackle one thing at a time. I was told to drink lots of water which tends to restrict how much booze I can consume although lacks somewhat in the pleasure department:D What matters is we haven't smoked:)


I'm not sure what normal even is :D

Actually this brings up a good point though, will we feel the same as before we quit smoking? Maybe this is not possible, and you will change to feel like a slightly different person. We are all always changing though.

Okay, I think that's enough rambling.

Hope you feel better Jimmy, I'd advise to cut down on the booze as it always makes one feel worse physically.


My first question when I signed on here was the same as yours, "When will I feel normal again"? Well so much further down the line, whatever it is I now feel is just fine and is a lot like I used to be except I don't any longer go outside, poison myself and stink.

Best wishes.



i agree with everyone else about the wanting to feel normal and not wanting to constantly feel like im missing out on something especially when something stressful happens. But im just holding on to the hope that it might happen one day! and the further into my quit i get the easier it should be. In theory anyways! lol

Keep your chin up and keep fighting the craves xxx


I think we need to redefine normal to feel normal if that makes sense. I thought the cravings had gone and I just wanted to smoke, but I'm feeling restless again - it keeps creeping up on me. My fault I guess for being overly smug...



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