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Day 5

At the start of day 5 now and about to embark on an early morning trot. I just want to clear as much rubbish out of my lungs as soon as possible. I can feel how much it's loosened up over the last 48 hours which I guess is a good thing - right?

I had a run on Tues night and found myself coughing a lot more than normal once I'd finished so maybe this is the body's way of putting out the trash :)

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Congrats on reaching day 5!

I'm not sure about the phlegm thing. After almost seven months I still have it, and have heard many others report the same thing. Not that I want to put you off, but rather just to let you know that for some people it tends to stay longer than others.

Stay strong on your quit!



Baggies - keep going pal.

As for the rubbish clearing your lungs, I've been pretty much 'phlegm free' for a week and I'm 24 days into my quit, you may find yourslef feeling better very soon, though as Alex says you may be unlucky and still suffer for some considerable time.

Good luck, especially for the weekend, I assume this is the first weekend ?

Be weary, be careful and be strong !


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