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Day 14 on Champix and day 4 not smoking!


Hello everyone!!!

I was a 15 a day smoker for at least 8 years!

Just thought i would share my experience so far on champix:

I have had:

trouble sleeping i have started taking tablet after dinner rather than before bed!

head aches which are very dull but annoying!

I also cannot work out if its a habit or craving although when I go to my mum and dad house (who both smoke) I dont feel the need for a cig?

Stomach cramps after taking tablet but have worked out if i eat before hand im fine! :)

I would love to find out other peoples experiences with champix


Redrebel :cool:

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Hi Redrebel

Congrats on stopping smoking thats BRILLIANT. When i took Champix i was told NOT TO have mine after 5pm due to the fact it interferes with bedtime sleep so you have done the right thing by starting to take it earlier. Also they should have told you to take WITH FOOD otherwise it can make you feel sick for hours and i mean that.

I only took champix for 12 days in total and stopped on Day 4 or 5 and now i celebrate 7 months so there is hope for you.

Anyhow good luck with your quit, its good that when even at your parents you dont want to smoke but the headaches are more than likely just your body adjusting to the missing nasty chemicals you used to give it daily and also the extra oxygen your body and esp your brain are now getting which will calm down.



Exact same stage. I too have to eat when taking champix those actimel drinks are good too when first thing in the morning.

I find being on my own indoors the worst time . I did have terrible wind but that seems to have died down.

I sleep ok but wake early, my sister smokes she is really pissed off o have stopped.

Going to work in my car is hard but chewing gum helps.

I really don't want to smoke again.


Quit date 20th may 2011


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