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:( just give me a fag

I've lost the will to care

My sister is on an eating disorder ward, my mum has attempted suicide and i didn't get the job that i really need

I just feel awful so someone please give me a fag because i don't care anymore :( i really don't care, what is the point? Maybe it'd be doing my a favour and shorten this pointless life of mine! :'(


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Awww hun a fag won't make anything better. I hope things get better for your family soon x


Get back into the positive RIGHT NOW.

I'm sorry life seems hard for you right now but it will help if you keep the focus on you for now, dont let outside influences deter you, see each difficult stepping stone a step in the right direction. Giving up smoking is the right choice, keep doing the right thing and youll find the right things just start to happen.



its just mr nicotine telling you all this to trick you into smoking dont listen to him kick his butt and tell him you are stronger than this and dont need him

you will feel better in the long run just think if u quit quitting now you will only have to go through this all again cause you dont want to be a smoker mr nicotine convinces and makes u be one for a while



Heather, you are 19 years old and have had to deal with more in your short life so far than most of us deal with in an entire lifetime.

Don't ever think your life is pointless.

You won't realise or appreciate it yet, but you have probably touched the lives of many people already and not even realised it.

That kind word or gesture you have made to someone will have made them feel far better than you have probably realised.

You have a sister and mom who are clearly struggling, you have or are suffering from depression yourself, yet you come across as a really positive person who wants to make something of their life.

You also have a boyfriend who loves you.

I'm betting your sister and mom will be needing you and relying on you in the near future and I'm sure you will do what you can. How is that pointless?

I take my hat off to you young lady. I consider myself to be a mentally tough person but what you have been through would test me and then some.

I'm going to say this.

I hope you don't smoke, but nobody would blame you if you did. I sincerely hope you are getting help with your family situation and if not, please, please go and ask for it.

Nobody should, or can, deal with those sorts of things on their own.

I admire you greatly for persevering in the face of all you are having to deal with.

You are strong, but even the strongest need help sometimes, don't be too proud to ask for, or accept, help.

Good luck strawberry lady, I'm sure everyone who knows you personally admires you, even if they may not say it. :)


Thanks everyone, i'm sorry for posting like that but i have such raw emotion that i needed to let it out..

Captain your post is really kind, i appreciate your support and i'm flattered that you would say such nice things, i'll try and be strong for my family and keep going *hugs to everyone* <3


Hi Strawberry

Having so much to deal with is bound to make you question the added strain of not smoking, but smoking won't make any difference to what you are having to cope with. Hope things get easier and if you do go back to smoking don't beat yourself up about it.


Capitan that was a beautiful post you have a way with words that is enviable.

I hope Strawberry Sw. took your lovely words to heart and that she is feeling stronger now. Str. Sw. you have a lot to cope with at the moment I do hope your family's troubles smooth out a little and hope that you have stayed off the cigarettes!. Guess I wouldn't blame you if you didn't but I hope for the best (((Hugs))):)

:) it was such a sweet thing for him to say, i really did take them to heart ^_^

Thank you :) i have kept going as there's no point knocking myself back now, especially when i cant afford it! thanks for the support *hugss*


Well done for keeping going xx


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