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No Smoking Day
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Back to square one

Hi everyone,

I have just looked back at my history and can't believe that I first came on this site in 2007.

I wish I could tell you all that I am still a Non Smoker but unfortunately I can't. I did really well for the first 2 & half years and then lots of things started to go wrong in my life and what did I do? Reach for the stupid fags.

I have seen my poor Mum die of emphysema over the last 2 years (smoking related), my darling husband was very ill last year with cancer but is, thankfully, recovering slowly and it has just taken it's toll on me.


I am on day 2 of quitting again!

this Forum helped me before so I am positive it can help me again and if I get as much support as what I did last time, I know I can do it FOR GOOD this time.


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Hi Ruby I wasn’t on the site when you were beginning an obviously brilliant quit but I can still feel for you as we are none of us full proof, I am also sorry that you have been thrown so many curve balls and that the outcome was that the nico demon got back into your life, good news is that hubby is in recovery and that you are now going for it again, I quit once before for 11 months when a silly situation came and like you I turned to the cigs, you are doing tons better than I did though as I waited another 20 years to quit again, I believe that you will have more strength this time as you can see the pit falls and fill them up before you fall down them

Welcome back to the site, also bear in mind that another good thing to come from it is that you will I am sure give some fantastic advice to keep us all on the smoke free road.


Ruby - sorry to hear about the family health problems, I wish your husband well in his recovery.

You are as qualified as anyone to understand the impact of smoking, this should give you a head start on this quit.

You've managed long periods before without the weed so here's hoping it won't be too tough for you this time round.

Good luck !


Well done

well done Ruby for quitting again just done the same thing myself 6 wks free of em then life throws one at you and back to smoking again, after thinking id never smoke again. on hindsight i know that smoking doesnt make painful experiences easier . it just gives us something to do in that moment then we carry on and on and on. sorry to hear about your mum and Hubbie and really hope you manage to stay quit. I dont even enjoy them but always think the next one will be great but it never is.



Well done Ruby

Well done Ruby.

Good luck with your NEW quit ........you know you can do it !. I slipped up too and am back in here again ( only day 2 for me).

Here's to a successful and permanent quit for both of us:D

Best wishes to you.:)

Regards Trev.


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