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No Smoking Day
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Day 6! Coffee, coffee, coffee

The things I have found most difficult so far are;

After long appointments, yesterday I had a 5 hour long tattoo appointment, and afterwards I was dying for a cigarette, almost asked the tattooist if I could have one of his, but didn't :D, so instead of a cigarette I rewarded myself with a (skinny) latte.

And today I had the hairdressers, which was 3.5 hours, it'll be nice to have my hair smell of nice hairdresser products for a while rather than instantly masking them with the smell of smoke soon as I walk out of there!

My caffeine intake has increased soooo much during stopping smoking & I THINK I'm not eating much more, but I keep eating "naughty" things more often (pizza) I'll have to stop doing that through the week and stay healthy!

I'm going to start running soon too, maybe do a pole-fitness or yoga class!

Hope all is well for all of you!

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Anyway guys, so much for it being okay so far.

I got halfway to the petrol station (it is now 11:50pm, so all the other shops are closed), I had every intention of buying cigarettes, and I realised, I had forgot my effing purse. I even emptied by bag out to see if I had enough coinage, I didn't. I'm back home now and have my purse, still dying to run to the shop, I almost feel as if I could run for ever, just for a stinking pack of cigarettes.

Even though I haven't smoked again, I feel like I've failed. When stuff gets hard for me cigarettes are the first and only thing I want, and if something else happens and I happen to have my purse, I don't know, maybe it was a sign, haha.

All jokes aside, how to cope with stress without lovely sweet nicoteen, any stresses seem multiplied on champix.



Don't beat yourself up over a few weak thoughts and well done on not actually buying cigs.

But I do think you need to change your mindset - cigs and 'the lovely sweet nicotine' might be a term you'd use when you smoked but until you start thinking that everything associated with smoking is bad you might struggle.

Each to their own of course, but I'd find it difficult to give something up completely if I still believed there was an upside to it.

Good luck !


jess caffeen is a bugger !

hi swinging by from month six + to say its cool,its all cool and pizza is truly the stuff of the recovery gods but watch that caffeen, salads juices and fiber ! they really are the way fwd, p.s I still nearly buy them horrid fag things sometimes, but dont worry about that stuff! Just do not go any were near one of those dirty little Fags, then you will never smoke again its that simple, but boy it stings for a while, If you have a callender get a big fat marker and squidge out the dates they soon add up and it looks great realy soon! well done so far the worst is over,seriously, well there are some bumpy bits left but when you get there you will have learned to enjoy the niggle x x best of luck .


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