Sort of Day 1

Had my last cig at 7.30am today. Kids dropped off at school and patch applied. Work this afternoon should hopefully keep my mind occupied. I'm stopping smoking on the sly - I haven't told many people I'm stopping.

Have smoked for about 10 years + but have recently found myself smoking more - up to a whopping 7 a day! I know it's not a massive amount but would like to be completely smoke free.


5 Replies

  • Good luck! I'm also on day 1 ;)

  • Hope it goes well for you! I quite like having my little secret, hoping for a good, smoke free day. :)

  • It will be interesting to see how many people notice your not smoking! :)

  • Got through the day ok so far. Had a couple of 'itchy' moments but more due to habits rather than craving. Have also had the munchies big time. Roll on tomorrow!

  • Worst thing about the secret smoking is that you wont have the positive reinforcement from those around you. That was something I noticed on my 'first' quit, those who knew i smoked were great but it owuld have been nice to have it from the others.

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