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Feeling a failure

Hi all :)

I'm new to this forum. I read some of the posts and feel encouraged but at the same time a failure.

I've been smoking 40+ a day for the last 2 years of my 30 year career in the deadly weed addiction.

I stopped smoking 5 days ago with the aid of an e-ciggy. I was on a high that in my first attempt to quit that I actually lasted more than 2 hours.

Now a couple of friends have told me I havnt really quit because i'm using the e-ciggy as a crutch when I get a strong craving.

I'm feeling quiet stressed and guilty now. Am I really wasting my time?

Should I go back to smoking ****ogue ciggies and maybe try again later to go cold turkey?


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Hi and welcome to the forum,

You are most certainly not wasting your time. You have started a quit and you are not smoking, end of! I am using patches and lozenges so still getting some nicotine so if anything I should be feeling I have not really quit but I don't. Whatever works for you and keeps you from smoking is what matters. I am sure people on here have used e-cigs as well (I know of one).

Just stay strong, carry on with your quit. Those people are just maybe jealous because you are not smoking and maybe they are :rolleyes:

There are loads of great links to sites on the forum, if you havent already read them have a look. They are great for motivation and knowledge.

Wishing you well.



You're definitely not a failure :D

As Gaynor says, some people switch to the e-cig to help quit. I think this is no different than any other NRT to help during the first phase. However, you will need to phase out the e-cig at some point in order to go completely nicotine-free (I'm assuming you're using nicotine cartridges in the e-cig).

You should ask your friends if they think wearing a nicotine patch or chewing nicotine gum would mean you're still smoking :confused:

I say take your time, ignore your friends' comments, and follow your own style to quit.



Hi all and many thanks for the replies :):)

My 2 friends are non smokers so they dont understand :mad:

They seem to think after smoking for 30 years and 40+ a day for the last 2-3 years it should be easy to give up.

I'm so pleased I found this forum. Just being able to rant at silly o'clock in the morning when I woke up determined to drive to the 24hr garage and buy some

helped me stay off them.

I'm using low strength menthol nicotine cartridges but i'm thinking about using just plain water to see what happens. It dosn't seem to be nicotine i'm missing but the heat in the back of my throat. So maybe plain steam could hit the spot too. It's all i've been thinking about since I quit lol


Whatever is helping you stop smoke different cigarettes is RIGHT for you, f.** what anyone else says!

I've had fellow smokers ("friends") recently trying to put me off of quitting saying her sister ballooned up to a size 22 (from a 14) after quitting, and various other pro-smoking things. All I know is she is 34 and looks about 50, and I'm just not gonna listen to her B.S any longer.


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