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Feel like a failure already :(

Hi all :)

I had my last cigarette at 9pm last night and already feel like im going to fail.

I cannot concentrate at work, keep having panicky moments, am sweating and think im going to burst into tears :(

The spray i bought to help me gives me instant hiccups and is buring my throat!

I really dont think i can do this :(

I know i have some willpower hiding somewhere as i have managed to loose 5stone but this is way beyond how hard i thought it would be.

Sorry for the moan :(

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First off welcome to the forum, there's always someone here to help :)

Now don't panic!!

The first few days are te worst, then it starts getting better. If the spray you're using isn't helping you can use other kinds of NRT - patches, gum,lozenges, minis - there's even a hand gel!!

Personally I can't use lozenges - they give me an incredibly sore throat, but am fine with gum and patches so it's about finding what works for you :)

You definitely can do this, it's tough at times but if I can stop then you can!!

Can you get to a shop at lunch time maybe? Find some NRT gum, or something that dosn't give you hiccups and a sore throat.

Meantime, breathe slowly. I used to roll a fag with a post-it note and pretend smoke that when it was really dodgy and it does help!!


I don't know if this will help, but the spray is a bit like those first few fags, you really have to force yourself to get used to it.

I've found that if you spray it under your tongue and hold it there for a minute and let the saliva build up before swallowing, then it doesn't hurt your throat or give you hiccups or indigestion.

Might be worth a try as you've spent money on it. but if it doesn't do it for you try something else.

Just keep going!!!! you can do it


Dear PB,

All I can do is to ask you to please please please just hang in there. The first few days sucks big time, I know. But you have to be stronger than the cigaret. Because it is all it is, a little stick rolled with tobacco. We cannot let a few dried leaves get the better of us!

Stay strong PB!


Thanks all :)

I survived the first day, thought i might feel a bit better today but the cravings are actually worse today :( asthma is pretty bad, hoping its a temporary thing.

Luckily stubborness has kicked in as i refuse to have to go through this hell again if i started smoking.

Last night was horrible, within 5 minutes of arriving home i had had a huge row with the other half (he has stopped also), and ended up storming off to bed at 5:30pm.

One of the other things i am very worried about is weight gain, i have spent the last year and a half loosing 5 stone and still have 1 stone to go. Yesterday was a diet disaster, i just could not concentrate on diet and not smoking.

Hoping today will be a little better, but i have read that even if you do not overeat when stopping smoking you can still gain up to a stone!!...thats something i am not sure i could cope with happening :(

Moan over again :)


Not everyone puts on weight. I didn't put on any. I know you are trying to do this with the spray. I can't comment on that because I didn't use it. I tried to go CT but I gave in on the third day and put on a patch. Bliss :)


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