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Some good news from me

Hi everyone,

I haven't been on here for a while, but I just thought I'd share some news and perhaps give some hope for those embarking on a quit.

My wife and I both quit smoking together over a year ago. It was hard for both of us because it was such a big part of our lives and it left such a void when it was no longer there. We did it cold turkey and whilst it was hard in the early days (the waking up, the irritabilty etc.) it has been soooooo worth it. I found coming on here and reading other people's stories a great help and even though I didn't contribute for long I am very grateful for the support I recieved.

You can do it too, stay focussed on why you're quitting, get the support from others on here and believe in yourself - If we can do it, you can all do it and believe me, you won't look back!!!!

Finally, the really really really good news: My wife has just given birth to a beautiful baby girl, who weighed 7 lbs 8. :D:D:D

Edders (a non-smoking, proud father)

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Hi Eddars congratulations on the birth of your daughter, lovely news to smoke free parents.

Reading your post proves that you can quit and it definitely is worth it, reading this should make us all more focused.

Best wishes. Maria.:)


:DThanks for this, like a bit of good news !!

You've both done great and congratulations on the baby


Excellent post Edders, thanks for sharing.........and Congrats on the birth of your daughter :D



on your daughters birth. what a great way to keep your self and your wife from smoking, with a new baby in the house.


Congratulations Edders. Firstly for you and your wife still being non smokers and secondly for the birth of your daughter.

Pictures are in order I think :D



What a lovely post. So uplifting to hear such great news! Congratulations to you both on both!



This post is so inspiring and I am sure we are all looking forward to feeling so happy without a ciggie :)

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter too. Wonderful happy news on both counts.

xx :D


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