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My Reasons to Quit


Started smoking at 15 when me and my friend were bored on holiday. Since then it has just become part of me. I made no apologies for needing to smoke, and defended my 'right' quite vigorously. Anyone in my circle of friends and colleagues who quit were just defectors.

My partner smoked which to be honest was a relief because that meant he wouldn't nag me to quit. I am a yo yo dieter and always used the excuse that i didn't want to put weight on if i tried to quit. Saw me through for 24 years! My partner started to make noises about quitting and i would brush them off and get cross with him for trying to force me to do something i didn't want to do.

We got married 6 months ago at a small ceremony then went on honeymoon in Cuba (Amazing place!!) and then had a big party when we got back. We were to make a proper entrance into the party, announced as the bride and groom, so i had to stay in the room for about 2 hrs, waiting for the cue. Hubby was downstairs in the bar. I had no fags and was getting VERY tetchy and agitated. We were called to wait outside the room, and i actually delayed our entrance so i could go for a fag. As i stood there, in my wedding frock, in the freezing cold, i realised what a grip this drug had on me.

Since then, I have been working up to this moment - quitting.

I want to quit because:

1. I want to live longer

2. I want to feel clean air in my lungs

3. I want me and my house to smell fresh. You don't know how bad smoke smells till you quit

4. I want to set an example to my daughter and dad, who both smoke

5. I want to achieve something, and be proud of myself

6. I want to get this out of the way as something that just has to be done.

7. I want to see the £3k hubby and i will save each year, be spent on something worthwhile

8. I want to make my life easier and not be distracted by the need to smoke

i can think of sooo many more but will think a bit longer and come back!

the more i do this, the more successful i will be! I want to be one of the success stories

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My reasons to quit smoking are as below:

we can live long by quit smoking.

It can save your money of cigarettes.

It can give you healthy body.

It can make your life better.

Hi MrsCP,

I hope your quit has gone well for you today. Just a few more hours than another day dawns and you have another smoke free day under your belt.


My 3 reasons for staying on track ( now day 27)

My reasons




Health is the one everyone bangs on about. But as we all know - a smoker is denial on that issue!!! Until we get that irritating cough, the wheezy lungs and horrid teeth issues.

Wealth -A smoker is in denial about how much they actually spend on cigarettes. We can always find cash to buy a packet of ciggies -but struggle to find a meagre 50p to put in a deserving charity tin at the supermarket.!!! Give to Cancer Research next time.

Happines - I am 100% happy now. I don't have to hold my breath when I talk to someone after I've had a ciggy. My car, my house and my clothes smell fresh. I can invite people in doors without feeling that they think my house must smell. I can taste and smell food again. I can enjoy an evening with friends, without the need to disappear, and then return knowing I must reek like an old ashtray!! I am also empowered. I am now in control!!! The list is endless.

Why i quit

I had been thinking about quitting for a couple of years, but always found an excuse not to, weight, stress etc... However my Father who I cannot remember ever being poorly in all my life, took ill last November, he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer 22nd December and Died 12th February, you would never have known it was Lung Cancer, he had no cough, he had no wheezing or shortness of breath, but it took him all the same, the song Mum chose for the end of his service was 12th of Never, saddest day of my life!!

sorry, I know this is all quite morbid, but I have struggled this week and needed to remind myself of my reason. I could not bear to get ill and be gone in 8 weeks time leaving my gorgeous two children without me.

I am now on day 25 and will get there :)

This one about sums it up for me:

6. I want to get this out of the way as something that just has to be done.

Isn't it amazing how smoking encroaches on one's life, and ends up defining how one lives it?



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