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4 months today struggling

Today for me is 4 months off the fags,I used the alan carrs easy way to quit smoking and its great for the last 4 months ive been doing fine.

That is until the last week all ive wanted is a smoke its not cravings its just the act of smoking..I dont understand why after 4 months do i now get the urge to smoke?.Has anyone else had the problem?

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I think I know!

A lot of us around this stage have had a big resurgence of the 'want to smoke' feelings in the past couple of weeks because of the nice weather. We've all got pleasant associations with smoking in the sunshine, sitting outside the pub, in the garden, at the bbq or whatever... but it's just another trigger to be overcome. It will pass, like all the others did. And we'll get used to the fact that all these things can be enjoyed without sucking on a cancer stick.

So stay strong!



Hi Dave

I'm just approaching 4 months and I have been getting on really well until last week. I craved all week long. I thought about smoking from the minute I woke up until I went to bed. I'm glad to say it has passed and I feel ok this week but it just came out of no where. I was just starting to feel safe but it just goes to show we are still being tested months into our quits. I hope it passes for you. Be strong and keep going.


Hey Dave... I am also just about to hit the four month mark... I know the urges you are talking about... I got them about a month ago.... no cravings, just the urge to smoke... its very different from cravings, and they hit you like a train.... wellllll, the good news is that it goes... and doesn't hang around for very long, so try and ignore them. I had about a week of them and since then I don't even think about smoking at all... infact, the only time I does think of it is when I am on here chatting about smoking :)

well done on 4 months btw.



Thanks for the advise..Im still going strong and will definatly try to ignore the urge over the next week..Cheers!


Dave it's nostalgia that's all it is. You are missing the fags just like you would miss something else you had been used to having for years. I have been stopped nearly 17 months and I still occasionally get it but now it goes as quick as it comes.

Look at others that are smoking and ask yourself "do I really want to look like that again, do I want those things running my life every day?" But more importantly do you want to go through all the stopping agonys again?

Hang in there it will pass I promise just be determined and strong.



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