Here comes the sun

Im finding it weird and hard living without smoking ,not hard just not easy like smoking was. It was like driving with the brakes on. stupid but its what i know and its in my bones an automatic default setting. Driving with the brakes off is new to me i dont know it, i dont know whats going to happen or where i'll end up will i crash and burn shall i try the brakes again:confused:. im not who i was. Had an insane desire this morning and contemplated smoking an insane desire to go back to hell and misery cos thats what temptation is. i feel a bit lost without my old misery.but to go back would be barmy, so im keeping my decision to stay stopped and drive toward those blue skies and i dont know what i'll wear when i get there iv left all my old clothes and shoes behind they never did quite fit and they'd never fit now cos iv grown some. Oh the suns coming out and the radios playing stranger in paradise again so I'll put on my shades and just shut up and drive:cool:


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  • Thank you Karri very nice of you to say so. You are too.


  • Hi Mash

    It's a scary old journey to be honest and the thought of not knowing who you are anymore makes it even scarier :eek:

    You are changing but trust me it's for the better - at the end of the trip you'll be wondering why you never made it before :D

  • Thanks Pookie, cant wait to have the skin of a thirty yr old again, quitting smoking certainly puts a bit of a spring in your step.Mashx:D

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