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Here Till November 10th!!!!

Well thats it,3 calendar months since my last cig.Not a puff has passed my lips.

Of Course Im happy with myself.....thats normal.....but I've been at this stage once before so I knew what to expect....the teeth grinding took about 6 weeks to completely disappear.Now its just another day,another week,another month...But Without Smoking......Really there is NOTHING to miss and everything to gain.Months 4 and 5 will take me nearer to Christmas and possibly Asia....I've never travelled in over 20 years without smoking...That Will Be A New Experience And One I Will Sooner Or Later Discover.All I know is that I dont want to smoke here or abroad.That should be enough.

The 3 months went very quickly and I love my Quit.Never tempted to smoke.

I'm not superman...I wanted to quit....mainly for health reasons(my health is fine).I didnt need NRT ...Cold Turkey works fine for me.So now its into Month 4 and I dont forsee any problems.

Best wishes To all My June quitters and all others.

I'll keep in touch.


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H Douglas,

Well done - 3 months quit is awesome!

I'm identifying with your plans to go abroad. I'm waiting for my first ever passport to come and then I'm going to be looking for cheap winter breaks to Spain. I've never been abroad before. The thought of being trapped on a plane or in an airport for hours unable to smoke genuinely put me off.

Not smoking = freedom! :)



Well done Douglas - that's fantastic. I'm another one who is now contemplating long distance travel - as a smoker, the thought of spending more than a few hours on a plane has been a prohibitive nightmare. And, of course, we all have more money to throw around now!! Win win.


3&AHALF Months!!!!...ish!!!!

Thanks for the replies above.......well its nearly 3 1/2 MONTHS.

The quit is Strong and Secure.Blondie Kit Kat 5mol<er and others from the June period.....hello:):):)......Its reached a very quiet patch now ..the terrible 3s strikes.

Yes I must admit It crossed my mind SHOCK HORROR ,to try a cig..It was fleeting and total abstinence is still happening......But WOT A THOUGHT....Terrible......Of course my mind was playing games ....If I had a cigarette I would hate the taste and be hooked again...For Sure.

So of course I am pleased with myself and feel sorry for my niece who at 20 admitted she smoked...SECRETLY.......maybe THAT prompted my terrible

Of Course I dont want to smoke...The Terrible Threes Strikes...But i'm strong enough to deal with it!!!!!

Next post October!!!!

With RESPECT as always ...Douglas.j

Not a puff since June 10.:)


hey douglas, keep on keeping on, don't let your mind play those tricks on you! we're all still here just getting on with life, gotta make the most of it now we're smoke free at last...


:D 5mol<er


4 Months and Counting.

Well,here i am at the start of Month 5.

4 Months has evaporated as an EX Smoker.

Now I can wake up EVERY morning and not think about lighting up.Craves are a thing of the past.

My Toxic Friend has been well and truly kicked out.

So My next post will be in the 6 month forum.

What i learnt from my previous quit was that the occasional cigarette would sooner or later lead to full blown relapse.......With that in mind I head into month 5 with confidence I will reach the penthouse;)......But never forgetting the reasons I quit.

It is a HEALTHIER life without ciggies and I've saved up to £500.FABULOUS.

Wishing ALL my fellow quitters every success and happiness....Take Care June quitters ET ALL.:)



CONGRATS Douglas you are doing really well, into month 5 keep going.

All the very best.



A Happy Thought.

Thanks 5mol<er and Maria!!!!

Its so good to now go out and not be smoking outdoors anymore.It used to be the first thing I would do ...AUTOMATICALLY......Just light up outdoors....Now It doesnt enter my mind......Everything IS better,,,,.......EVERYTHING!!!!

:)KK.:)....give it another go.......:)Karri.:)...same same.....

The only difficulty is deciding to just light up again....Its so easy.....But for what.To be(Possibly) hooked for life.....with fifty per cent chance it could kill you.No,I like being an ex smoker and hope I will remain that way for the rest of my life.

For those who lost the fight ......give it another go....It's so worth it.


Best Wishes.

You're All Doing Very Well....Mr GRACE said!!!



well said douglas, so good to see you are still in good spirits, its already so good can it really get any better, well let's find out!!!


Heading Into Month 6.

Very different feeling from June......Nearly half a year makes a lot of difference........One of the biggest differences is NO SMELL.....on my clothes in my hair in my home......It is a BIG DIFFERENCE.......My circulation is Miles Better....My feet toes are MUCH WARMER!!!! and no CRAVES...Wonderful!!!

A cigarette WONT IMPROVE my life at all.



I dont miss it at all.

For Now!!!!

The Future...I hope i have the same attitude.

So many times I have lit up when I feel down..believe me...Its a false dream.

Its not only a question of reaching the penthouse...Its knowing a cigarette doesnt change anything- its a joke...and Im better off by far not smoking.

Its a fascinating journey and I dont want the plant to win!!!

best Wishes Douglas.J


I remember!!!!!!

The crave hits me.....Its 2.00 AM ...I'm out of cigs...I've smoked the remnants of the used Butt i found in the ashtray......the petrol station down the road(400 yards) is open...lets walk there to get a packet of 10......walk back smoking the cig...ah...thats better.......NO THANKS............onwards to the penthouse I go........more I remembers to follow.:)


Congratulations Douglas, it's hard to believe that we'll soon be 5 months quit, (this Tuesday for me) - time has really flown by - hello to all the remaining members of the Class of June 2011 who are still with us, keep 'er lit (not the fags obviously) :)


Really well done Douglas and Blondie! You have both done fabulously!



Thanks Blondie and Mrs T.

Thought For The Day............ I dont want to smoke...its not a struggle...its a matter of fact.

I dont search out reinforcements or Joel any more.....

I'm just getting on with my life without a cigarette coming into the equation.

sure-i have good days and bad days.....but neither will be improved by smoking.

A HUGE PLUS is the fact that the craves seem to have TOTALLY GONE.

I cant tell you how much of a plus that is.......Thats really why I 'enjoyed' smoking in the put an end to the stupid-really.

So the journey continues and I look forward to Christmas here with my June quitters and all others.......We will be half way to the penthouse...How Good For The Body...Mind..and Soul....

Douglas.J......with kindest regards.:)


I Remember!!!!

Trying to find a cigarette brand I truly enjoyed.Whichever I tried I felt they were not doing it for me.

They tasted horrible.


Now the craves have gone away without Smoking.

I prefer it this way.

More I remembers later!!!




10 days...Into Month 6!!!

I step into month 6 in 10 days time.......WOW!!!

Is not smoking a problem now-NO-BIG NO.

Do i want to smoke -No-BIG NO.

Can It continue like this-Yes-I HOPE.

WHY-I hope...cos I dont know the future.

I could slip back to smoking JUST BY BEING STUPID a few times.

Will it happen.....I dont think so.....


But be Proud

A 5 month quit IS A LONG TIME:).

But 5 years is better.

Every day not smoking is a good place to be.

Long May it continue.

With Respect as always.



6 days till I depart !!!!!

Next Thursday I'll be in the 6 Month Forum.

Unless I smoke in the next week....(Its highly unlikely.....99.999%)

Good Odds but still I'm Vigilant.

Havent been feeling as upbeat as before but a cigarette wont make anything better.

Nothings terrible but so much negativity around.

I sometimes- on a trip to Tesco.....gaze at the cig boxes as the guy or girl tots up my bill....but never feel like saying give me a box of.......

However bad the current situation cigs wont make anything better.

Its not a struggle at this stage.....but Oh how easy just to start again cos ones forgotten the reasons for giving up in the first place.

The next 6 months will really be interesting.

I really do like being an ex smoker.(and no craves at all)


Kindest Wishes....



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