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Day 6 WOW !!!!!!

Hello Everyone

Im now on day 6 cold turkey and i have had a very strange weekend .

I put myself on total lock down to get me through the major wthdrawal and it was one of the hardest things ive ever done in my life .

Ive never felt so bad , these things are evil and i really dont know what i saw in them . I know i have to stay strong and the fight has just begun but i know one thing for sure . I never want to go through that again !!!!!!!


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Well Done !

You are so brave, I dont think I could do it cold turkey so you should be really proud of yourself.

It isnt easy is it lol God what we put ourselves through eh. Just think though if you have gone 6 days surely that has to be the hardest to get through so it must be easier here on in.

Stay focussed and think of the money you are saving.


very well done! I done it CT as well and IT IS HARD! But personally I think CT is the hardest but most effective way as you face stroger wathdrwal symtoms over a shorter period of time at an early stage of your quit when your will to quit is very stong. So keep up the good work as you will eventually see the light. I can say that I am much better and more confident compared to my first couple of months as it has been tough.

At the end of the day it is worth the suffering of withdrawal as it has to be done.

The good thing is that it won't last for ever and I am sure you will feel better VERY SOON.


Thank you all for your remarks .

I kind of wanted to feel this bad so i wont go back . My friend smoked next to me today and even tho its only been six days the smell knocked me sick . I really did not have the urge to smoke again after the way i have felt over the weekend . I think the cold turkey method has really shocked me and my body . I exercise a lot and it seems to have helped my recovery a lot more quicker .

Keep the faith and you can really do this xxxx:)


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