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today is day 1

hi all,today i am taking my first champix tablet after my breakfast,which will probable be about 8.30.I must admit this is abit scarey as i have been reading about all the side effects.But i'm staying positive about it and hope i dont suffer to much.Got to keep thinking of the benefits.Would be good to hear from someone for the support.Have been a smoker for 43years of 30 a day.cheers all.Chrissy1

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Hi Chrissy

Well done for making the decision! I'm also on Champix (Day 15, Day 3 of quit). I know some people do have bad side effects, and I was quite nervous too, but for me they've been fine.

I make sure I eat before I take the morning one - I do feel a little nauseous afterwards, but only for half an hour or so, so it's definitely manageable. I take my evening one early, between 5-6pm and have had no sleep problems either. I've just had a few vivid dreams, but not disturbing or anything.

Obviously, it's not for everybody and you do need to keep an eye on things - speak to your GP if you have any nasty effects.

But it's not awful for everyone and it really has helped me with the cravings!

Good luck




Hi Chrissy,

Champix works well for a lot of people whilst some people are unfortunate to be a victim of the side effects. I tried it but unfortunately i got the side effects and are now using patches. However, my mum who has smoked heavily for 40 years started them at the same time as me and she is absolutely fine, they are working brilliantly. I very proud of her. She has done 10 days now and is down to 4 cigarettes and is close to her quit day. She has no side effects at all.

Good luck and keep posting on here as there are some fantastically supportive people who are also using champix.



Thanks Sarah and Jingle Jo

Hi,Thanks for your words of encouragement and the support.I must admit though, after braving it and taking my first tablet i was pleased and yet disappointed.Pleased that i haven't suffered any side effects up to now,but after 3 hours of not having a cig,(which is excellent for me normally would have been 12)i was quite disappointed when smoking a ciggy was expecting it to taste awful and put me off but it seemed the same as it usually is,i'm just putting it down to being the first tablet hopefully because i need this to work for me.Cheers again for the suport,it does help knowing that there are people out there who take the time to reply.


Hi Chrissy

Has your GP or nurse explained how Champix works for you? You don't suddenly get the urge to stop smoking after just one tablet. You take the white tablets day and evening for the 1st 7 days. This is a smaller dose, and is getting your body used to the drug. The you start taking the stronger dose, which are the blue tablets. When you''re taking the blue ones the urge to smoke becomes less. Most people give up between days 8-15. I gave up around day 13 I think. Take the tablets with food (not before or after, actually with) as this really does help if you suffer from nausea with them. You will find that you want to smoke less and less during this 2nd week, so when you do, make the decision to quit.

Remember, Champix is not a magic pill. You still will get cravings, but probably not as severe as some. You have to work at your quit as well. So, take your time to read up as much as you can, during your first week of taking the tablets. Forearmed is forewarned as they say. I wish you all the best for your quit date, and congratulations on making the decision to stop.

Rachel xx


Hey Chrissy1,

Best wishes with the Champix and thereafter a long smoke free future. Sorry that you didn't get many replies...I must admit that I've been quite busy with work and only rattled off a couple of support posts, plus some engaging in the general section. Would that there was more time but work is the curse of the Forum class and I suspect that would be the case with many members *sigh*

There is great advice available on the site and it may be of benefit if you set up a search and read into what's previously been posted. Certainly you'll come up against non relevant comments but go past that and gather any helpful info. If you don't find what you are looking for then post away on the boards. Eventually someone does come blazing through and replies...but as mentioned above, on occasion work does get in the way.

Welcome to the forum :)


Hi Chrissy

Give the Champix time - I didn't notice any difference at all until Day 11! As Rachel says, it's a gradual process

Stick with it and you will notice a difference eventually :)


Good luck Chrissy, give it time and you will start to see a lack of wanting to and when you do, you wont get anything from it. My mum as i mentioned earlier has infact stopped smoking since saturday, she'd go mad if i said she was still smoking lol!!! So keep strong and let the champix work its wonders on you.



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