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No Smoking Day
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So happy with my self :-)

I am feeling so happy and so good :-) I had a little hiccup where I got really emotional but I stuck to my guns and didn't go and by any fags.

The only problem I am having is that I'm getting so bored so I'm having to clean...... I can't seem to stop cleaning lol, I used to hate cleaning, but now I seem to like it :-/

Im so glad I have stuck at it :-) and it's thanks to everyone on here :-D

It doesn't matter how low you get just think how much better you will feel :-)

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Thats brilliant Crazy Lady.

If you run out of things to clean come over to mine :D

Damn, you got there first Karri, I was going to offer my house too!!

CL: really well done, you're doing so well. I know what you mean about boredom... it's all that extra time. I still find I've got more time on my hands than I'm used to. It's amazing how much time smoking took up!


I went through the cleaning stage too and now I'm back at the sitting on my bum stage! Well done :D


i to have the odd cleaning moment the length of time i clean for is getting less and less soon it should be a fleeting thought that goes as quick as it came lol


I find if I lie down the thought of cleaning (or anything else vaguely strenuous) goes away! :D


Ha ha ha ha ha the way I have been feeling the past few weeks I would love to do everyones house looooool, it's mad coz I am hoping my son and partner make a big mess just so I can clean it and keep myself busy :-P


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