So happy

I'm so happy to be back at day 4 :)

With the help from my trusty patch, this forum and my wee bum chums I am getting there and this time I am going to do this.

Brushed my teeth this morning and my gums were bleeding so I know I am winning this battle, the oxygen is returning to my body and it feels GREAT.

Thanks to everyone for their support through all my little blips :D

Gary this time I'm coming to get you.............

Love Carol xxxxx

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  • Congrats on day 4.. lets make sure that no matter what else happens.. you keep this quit intact. The feeling of wellbeing once you gain it will help in every other part of your life, and you can't fake that.. not to yourself anyway.

    Good for you :) Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Huge congrats to you Carol... keep it up! :)

  • Yep found the

    Anyone that stands in my way is getting knocked over.........sorry in advance :D

    Carol xx

  • Well done Carol

    Just keep adding to the 4 days now and dont put yourself though the first few days again. Just take each day as it comes and every morning just say I will not smoke today. Working for me anyhow. You go girl your doing great i cant see the tiger.HEHE.xxxxxxxx

  • Good evening Chrissie

    Day 4 nearly over and I am still smoke free :D

    Gums still bleeding and still have indigestion so yes i am still winning.

    Is QB back?

    Love Carol xx

  • Hi Joan

    Yep I reckon this time I can :D

    Carol xx

  • Chrissie clear you PM's!!!!!!!

  • well done you caz 4 days, bring it on, youre doing so well & i am so happy for you keep on knew you would do it xxxx

  • Havn't heard from Q.B bet she is having a swift one in the pub on way home:D

    Hi Carol and Chrissie :D :D

    Carol I'm so pleased and really proud of you on day 5 now well done Big Hug

    Chrissie I did not repeat not have a swift stop at the pub didn't get home till 10pm last night though

    But I'm here now so talk to both later

    Love and a hug

    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Catch me if you can?

    So you are coming to get me then Caz are you.......................

    Yeh well give it your best shot and lets make sure it happens. I've got a good feeling about it this time and that you are going to be chasing me all the way.

    Remember the PMA and well done on day 5:D


  • Hi Chrissie :D

    Nope didn't make the coach late went with my daughter also came back with her but we didn't leave Norfolk till around 5.30 last night



  • Hiya Girls

    I'm 5 whoopeeeeee

    Sorry for the late check in Chrissie was still awake at 4am again can't get this not sleeping bit sorted. Didn't waken till 10am!! I'm taking my patch off about an hour before I go to bed but still tossing and turning for hours........:(

    So glad to have you back marg and glad you had a good time.

    And yes Gary this time I will catch you and get that bit of cake.........might be mighty stale by now but hey ho cake is cake :D

    Love Carol xx

  • Nope no moon walking this time :D

    I'm knackered, I hope this stops soon. I don't want to take my patch off any earlier at night so I'll just have to deal with it. Small price to pay.

    Carol xx

  • Hi Carol and Chrissie :D :D

    Glad to hear I was missed but was only gone for 4 days

    Ahhhhhh well back now so how's it going



  • Still here..........................

    Had a lovely wee sleep and have had my shower and am now heading off out with the girls :D

    Don't worry Chrissie I have been clever and I am playing taxi driver...............thought if I took my car then I wouldn't be able to have a drink, which I think is safer for the next couple of weeks.

    By the time I get home it will be nearly 6 days.................hehe and then it's a week :D

    Love Carol xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Carol :D

    Ohhhhhhhhhh you're dead crafty you are playing taxi driver what a brilliant idea well done you

    Almost a week for you already I hope you're feeling proud of that


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Just a quick check in...............

    Made it through last night and am on day 6..................yipee :)

    Going off out shopping to treat myself to something nice :D

    Still having trouble sleeping, hope that sorts itself out soon cos I am sooooooo tired.

    Love Carol


  • Hi Carol :D

    YAY day 6 well done you Big Hug

    Hope you find something really nice for a treat have fun as well

    Sorry you're having trouble sleeping though but it will pass soon


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • The first week or so you do get a bit of disturbed sleep, but nonetheless... day 6!!!! whooohooooooooooooooooo!!!

    Goooooooooooooooooooooo CAROL. *mexican wave begins here* :)

  • Hiya

    Yes had my wee sleep :) Boy did I need it by lunchtime I couldn't keep my eyes open.

    Bought myself a DS and a couple of games and I LOVE IT........haven't thought about a fag for hours been too busy playing away.

    Having a chinese meal with the wee one then curling up to watch a movie.

    Hope everyone is well :)

    Love Carol


  • get that brain trainer thing for it.. its awesome for keeping your head occupied.. might help tons atm in more ways than you would expect.

  • Morning

    Only slept for 2 hours last night and it's doing my head in :mad: Get to sleep no problem then about 20mins later I wake up and cant get back to sleep. I am sooooooooo tired. Don't worry chrissie I'm not going to have a ciggie it wouldn't make me sleep. To anyone else that had this long did it last?

    Well anyway day 7 today and 1 week tomorrow..........yippee :)

    DS was a great buy didn't watch a movie last night ended up playing away with that for hours. It is soooooooo I've given up one for another oh well at least this one wont kill me.

    Jase.....I got a puzzle one for it which is great it really keeps you mind busy and I've ordered Sonic for it........yeh I used to love Sonic and haven't played it for years.

    Love a very tired but non smoking Carol


  • Hi Carol :D

    Sorry you're still not sleeping very well but so glad to hear you're on day 7 YIPPEE

    Just catch up on sleep as and when you can those little naps really do help

    I had a bit of trouble sleeping as well but after 2/3 weeks max everything wnet back to normal for me

    That game thing you got sounds a great idea for keeping the mind and fingers occupied even if it is addictive as you say it won't kill you :D

    I have one of those Eletronic Sudoku things but couldn't get the hang of it didn't buy it though was a Xmas present 2 years ago



  • Well done

    Well done Carol on Day 7 - despite the lack of sleep.

    As someone else said - try and catch up on sleep whenever you can - I have not been a good sleeper for ages now and find that a 10min catnap actually does work wonders.

    The DS - what a good idea - must nab it back off the kids!


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