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So So Happy 6 Months Today!!!


Hi all,

Cannot believe Im here!! I simply cannot believe I havent smoked for 6 almost seems unreal!! I have put on 6lbs which Im very surprised its not more, Im not missing the ciggies at all really just wish Id never smoked in the first place but I do feel very virtuous today....the penthouse is calling me!!

Take care

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Wow, as a newbie that is sooo inspirational to hear. Six months and you don't feel like a fag? A-W-E-S-O-M-E...

Congratulations Jacqui brilliant stuff xx

Hi Jaccie, so pleased for you and am sure you are reaping the rewards👠 👜 👛.

Amazing job I can see the twinkle of the lighthouse in the distance looking for you.

No says it easy, but you have proven this can be done:)

Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks all, tbh this time (there have been a lot of other quits in the past) has been not easy but very straightforward. I think that is because I nursed my Mum with lung cancer and I am just too frightened to smoke. I now know first hand what a wicked disease it is and bless Mum she gave up smoking 29 years before she got the cancer. She died at 82 and gave up at the same age as me 53.

I also found out that my father who I never really knew( long story!) died from lung cancer at 70, he was still a smoker, so I really dont have a choice.

My mantra is there is no such thing as one fag!!!

Take care all!! xxx

Fantastic Jacci! Well done girl! :D

There's quite a crowd of us in the Penthouse Waiting-room at the moment but there's still plenty of room for some more. Pull up a chair and let me buy you a drink or six to celebrate. It's a wonderful feeling isnt it?

We have things in common actually. We're a similar age (I was 50 a few weeks ago), we both lost our mums to cancer (mine was 81 and died from oral cancer though she was never more than a very occasional social smoker) and I didn't know my biological father either (another long story!)

Well done again. I hope you are going to celebrate in a suitable fashion? :)

Super well done :) What an awesome achievement 😘 xxx

Well done Jacci, see it was sooooooo worth it ;)

Well done Jacci, see it was sooooooo worth it ;)

^^^ this ^^^

Well done Jacci, here's to the next 6 months :)

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