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So happy to be in week 2


Well here I am in week 2 - after my wobbly on day 5 I'm starting to feel good as a non smoker. I now have the confidence and look forward to charging into week 3! I dreaded yesterday as I was going to meet up with friends last night both of who smoke and I used to enjoy a Sunday evening with a couple of glasses of wine, few cigarettes and then an Indian meal - I really truly wanted to cry off because I didn't think I could do it but I did it and it was EASY. I didn't even notice them smoking, what I did notice was the horrible smell of smoke. I know there is still a long way to go but I feel OK at the start of week 2.

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done, it really sounds as though your positive attitude is paying off.

Hang in there :)


Well done Biddy:D

I looked at my stats this morning £62 saved already after a week, ignoring my stupid spell on thursday i too am starting to feel good this week. I found it quite difficult at various spells at the weekend, nothing lasting more than 5-10 minutes but lastnight watching TV i had about 2 hours of constant cravings, i couldnt concentrate at one point.

I was in the local town center on Saturday and its amazing how many people you notice smoking when you arent one of them.

Ive decided to treat myself after 4 weeks, i should have a nice pot of money built up by then.:D


I had the lack of concentration at day 5 - that's why I had my wobbly - just couldn't stop thinking about cigarettes, they were in my head, they were everywhere, didn't think I would ever be able to get by without them. Its so strange, here I am at day 8 and I only have fleeting thoughts about them but nothing I can't handle.

Forgot to say, well done Kev. We'll get there.

Cheers Biddy,

Forgot to ask have you noticed any benefits yet, apart from the obvious financial one ?

My coughing has completely stopped, I use to have a 5/10 minute coughing session every morning and in the past ive woke up coughing at stupid times in the morning 2/3am, ive had nothing since ive stopped the cigs. I was coughing that much sometimes i was bursting the tiny blood vessels in my face and I looked like a hardened drinker.


Hi Kev,

I had a raging sore throat yesterday which has now cleared. Mouth doesn't feel quite like the bottom of a bird cage in the morning, had loads more energy in the gym on Saturday - generally feel sharper all round and have a heightened sense of smell - I can smell a smoker at 100 yards!!! Did we really smell as bad as that? No time to start being smug but I feel good when I see someone smoking in the street and realise I no longer do that.


Hi Biddy

Massive congrats on making it to week 2 - Stay focused on the task - dont get complacent and you will have this licked!

You have done excellent thus far and you should be patting yourself on the back! a reward wouldnt go amiss!!

You certainly seem to have the right attitude to stopping and this will stand you well in the coming days.

Keep it up - :)

Well done to you also Kev

You have done great to get your quit back on track , so pleased you have. Whats more pleasing is that both yourself and Biddy are starting to feel good about the quit , you will start noticing more and more benefits of stopping as time passes.

stay strong and well done.

Hey guys, glad to hear you're both feeling better after your respective blips. Biddy, looks like you're through the hardest part now, those cravings just becoming, as you say, fleeting thoughts. Which is great news! Well done to you as well kev, that 4 week treat should help you retain your focus :p

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