No Smoking Day
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Day 8 - and its all good :)

Well I've successfully reached day 8 and Im happy to say that Im not missing smoking!! Im still using the inhalator, and battled through the mouth ulcers, and now they have gone every day is getting better. Im using the inhalator less and less now, and its a great feeling. My friends are also very supportive, and just yesterday my neighbour came round with a bunch of flowers for me to say well done on getting this far :) that was really nice of her.

Well Ill keep coming on here to let you know how im getting on, and i hope you are all doing great too :D

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Thanks Karrie, Im determined to get through this and keep it up! I didnt realise how bad I must of smelt to non smokers before now, as my OH still smokes, and when he comes indoors after having one, he reeks of smoke & its horrible, and im determined never to be like that again ;)


Well done, I have a stinky hubby too, he kisses me before he goes out for one before bed now as I keep complaining about the smell!:D


SS - really well done, brilliant stuff!

Perhaps we could form the Secret Sniffer Society and go around sniffing out smokers and the report back their location - Karri could then rush off, find them, have a good sniff and feel like the rest of us!! :D


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